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Welcome to the home of "The Silent Minority".
We are a mixed European and US Everquest guild on the Rathe server (ex- Prexus, Ex Terris Thule). We are a family type raiding-guild that values friendship and fun. We raid once per week at European evenings (early US time) as well as having one US evening raid. We may add back in a third afternoon raid. Read here for more info about us!
Applications are open for most classes - klick here for our application page.

Finished off NOS T1
Took a few tries to adapt to the Pit Fight in Shar Vahl but we came back and got the win sending all the grimlings packing

Submitted by: Drakang(08 January 2023)

First two NOS events down first try.
We killed the queen and calmed the mean streets of Shar Vahl. First time seeing the events and we got wins on our first try on each one.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(07 January 2023)

TOL Conquerors
Took us a while but for the first time. TSM completed Conqueror of an expansion while it was the current expansion.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(27 November 2022)

The Way is Shut you Shall not Pass
So a slight pause since our last win. The spring slump cut numbers, but we came back to this until we got it right. We may not have done it in the style of Gandalf, but we did not let anybody pass.

Good Job all. Farming stuff till a new expansion
Submitted by: Drakang(26 June 2022)

Primal Vampire gave us his blood to move on.
We had heard it was messy and buggy but it actually turned out to be pretty easy to take down this monstrosity and all his minions.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(13 March 2022)

Oubliette of Light dance complete
We learned way back that dancing around is not one of our strong suits. But we finally learned to dance enough to take down Keltakun, Last Word.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(12 March 2022)

Aten Ha Ra Finally down
Aten Ha Ra and her stonegrabbers and Gargoyles and Pli Liako wanted to dance around the room. We finally outlasted them all and got some loot for our dancing skills.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 February 2022)

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    29 January, Sunday19:30NOS Raids
    04 February, Saturday02:00NON DKP raid for old content
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    Valmir, retired Cleric of TSM

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