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Welcome to the home of "The Silent Minority".
We are a mixed European and US Everquest guild on the Rathe server (ex- Prexus, Ex Terris Thule). We are a family type raiding-guild that values friendship and fun. We raid once per week at European evenings (early US time) as well as having one US evening raid. We may add back in a third afternoon raid. Read here for more info about us!
Applications are open for most classes - klick here for our application page.

And DONE. Expansion Complete with Velks win
Great work today everybody. Finishing off the expansion. Nice to have it all on farm.

Submitted by: Drakang(31 May 2020)

Avatar of War down
He was big and he had lots of friends. But we were bigger and badder this day.

Good Job everybody. Velkator will fall soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(19 April 2020)

Derakor Down
The Avatar of War killed him once only to have him get back up. So we killed him again and he did not get back up.

Good Job everybody.

Submitted by: Drakang(18 April 2020)

TOFS 3 Down. Tserrina Syl`Tor Sent packing
Tserrina Syl`Tor sent Bats, Vamps and Shadows at us. But to no avail. T2 Complete Waiting on T3. Good Job everybody.

Submitted by: Drakang(29 March 2020)

Its a Nice day for a Red Wedding Slaughter
Strange how a couple that hate each other so much and had such a fight going between them would try so hard to stop us from breaking up the wedding. But break it up we did. TOFS2 down on to finish T2.

Submitted by: Drakang(22 March 2020)

We cut out the Heart of Frozen Shadow
Took us a bit to find our way but we got to the heart of the matter and took out the Heart of Frozen Shadow. Now its time for a wedding.

Submitted by: Drakang(20 February 2020)

And the rest Fall in T1
The Sleeper and his friends were no match for us today. And the Generals of the Giants all fell in a row. Now waiting for T2 to unlock. Excellent work all.

Submitted by: Drakang(26 January 2020)

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    29 November, Sunday00:00TOV
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