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Another one Bites the Dust
With the Plucked Achievement finally fixed. A little adjustment to strategy and a little luck we completed all of the Raid Achievements. Excellent work by the whole team coming up with a way to get things done that works for us. Another fancy aug and lots of improved necklaces.
Submitted by: Drakang(20 April 2024)

And another expansion down
T3 raids opened up and we took them all down the first day. Excellent work to the whole team. Now just a few achievements to sort out.

Submitted by: Drakang(02 March 2024)

Seems like we have Another one Bites the dust running on Repeat
T2 raids opened up and our raid time rolled around, and they went down. Another excellent performance by all involved.

Submitted by: Drakang(03 February 2024)

Laurions Song T1 raids complete
Excellent work by the entire team beating both T1 raids on the first try.

Submitted by: Drakang(06 January 2024)

Another Vanquisher title
Finally got the last achievement done for Vanquisher. Lots of pretty new robes and nice augs.
Submitted by: Drakang(12 August 2023)

And another one bites the dust. T3 complete
Luckily nobody was afraid of heights fighting on a bridge. Got things sorted out got our emotes done smacked down Vius Vex and Another Expansion is beaten. Now on to farming gear and achievements.

Submitted by: Drakang(05 March 2023)

And we are into T3. We made Grakaw feel better and held the firefall pass.
So T3 did hit us with some surprises but we adapted and overcame the first two events. Now on to try and hold a bridge.

Submitted by: Drakang(04 March 2023)

Three up, Three down. T2 is finished
First, we started with a very strange gooey door that could not make up its mind what it wanted to be. Then we interrupted a mushroom revolt. Finally, we found the play to be boring so spiced things up. In the end 3 more bosses lay dead and we were victorious on all 3 events.

Submitted by: Draakng(04 February 2023)

Finished off NOS T1
Took a few tries to adapt to the Pit Fight in Shar Vahl but we came back and got the win sending all the grimlings packing

Submitted by: Drakang(08 January 2023)

First two NOS events down first try.
We killed the queen and calmed the mean streets of Shar Vahl. First time seeing the events and we got wins on our first try on each one.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(07 January 2023)

TOL Conquerors
Took us a while but for the first time. TSM completed Conqueror of an expansion while it was the current expansion.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(27 November 2022)

The Way is Shut you Shall not Pass
So a slight pause since our last win. The spring slump cut numbers, but we came back to this until we got it right. We may not have done it in the style of Gandalf, but we did not let anybody pass.

Good Job all. Farming stuff till a new expansion
Submitted by: Drakang(26 June 2022)

Primal Vampire gave us his blood to move on.
We had heard it was messy and buggy but it actually turned out to be pretty easy to take down this monstrosity and all his minions.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(13 March 2022)

Oubliette of Light dance complete
We learned way back that dancing around is not one of our strong suits. But we finally learned to dance enough to take down Keltakun, Last Word.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(12 March 2022)

Aten Ha Ra Finally down
Aten Ha Ra and her stonegrabbers and Gargoyles and Pli Liako wanted to dance around the room. We finally outlasted them all and got some loot for our dancing skills.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 February 2022)

Gorangas running loose in Maidens Eye.
I was roaming around Maidens Eye and found the Akhevans using Gorangas as slave labor to rebuild the city. They were really mistreating the Gorangas. Which is completely wrong. I am the only one that gets to mistreat creatures like that. So, I summoned up the rest of the guild and we proceeded to kill all the akhevans in the area no matter what they threw at us.

Good Job all. Too bad we got no loot for our efforts.
Submitted by: Drakang(06 February 2022)

Shei Vinitras and his ugly red babies sent packing
We paid a visit to Shei Vinitras. He was rude so we smacked him. Then he made us dance around the floor which was fun but also annoying so we smacked him so hard he fell off his platform and paid us to leave.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(05 February 2022)

Netherbian Commander left with nothing to command
We found this giant netherbian in the forest. We decided to kill it but his friends started showing up. They swarmed us again and again. But we still managed to kill them all.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(16 January 2022)

Doomshade Doomed.
We were checking out this giant platform when two people greeted each other with a friendly hail. Then this giant Shade attacked. He and his friends had us running all over the place. But we still managed to kill them all.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(15 January 2022)

Zelnithak Down
So here we were out strolling through the umbral plains when we came across a giant Zelnithak. One of the rangers said hi and things got crazy. He and a bunch of his friends attacked but in the end it was TSM that was still standing.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(08 January 2022)

Another Expansion Finished. Aaryonar finally down
All about the Mechanics and staying alive vice killing things. We finally got it together and finished off the expansion. Finally Bricks unlocked... WOOHOOO. Now time to farm and get wins for those missing them.

We may not be the fastest at winning. But 19 years after its forming TSM is still winning.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(22 August 2021)

Vulak Falls to TSM
He had alot of help trying to keep us away but they fell to us. He tried all kinds of tricks to beat us but in the end neither his golems or guardians or prisons were enouogh.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(08 August 2021)

Amalgam Arbiter falls to TSM.
Little Golems or Big Golems, today it did not matter and they all fell before TSM. But we really hate Spectres.

Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(30 May 2021)

We made our way into the Tomb
The Defenders tried to block our entry. But the hordes of drakes and the three mighty defenders were no match for us this day.

Submitted by: Drakang(29 May 2021)

We Paid Yelinak a Visit
Excellent work by the hole team figuring out the setup healing and movement. Took us a while but we finally killed the Crusaders and went in to see Yelinak.

Submitted by: Drakang(17 April 2021)

Delayed jump into things but we finally broke in T2 Raids killing Sontalak
Excellent work by the hole team figuring out the timing and setup. We finally defeated Sontalak.

Submitted by: Drakang(27 February 2021)

Klandicar and his brood Took a beating as we finished off T1

Submitted by: Drakang(10 January 2021)

Zlandicar wanted to test himself and he lost
We quickly took down Zlandicar and his pipers for our first COV win.

Submitted by: Drakang(09 January 2021)

We enjoyed roast Tantor, and boy are we full
Tantor and his Tantorlings were no match for us. We roasted him and his bunnies and boy are we full. It may not have been our prettiest win. But its still another win in the books.

Submitted by: Drakang(09 January 2021)

And DONE. Expansion Complete with Velks win
Great work today everybody. Finishing off the expansion. Nice to have it all on farm.

Submitted by: Drakang(31 May 2020)

Avatar of War down
He was big and he had lots of friends. But we were bigger and badder this day.

Good Job everybody. Velkator will fall soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(19 April 2020)

Derakor Down
The Avatar of War killed him once only to have him get back up. So we killed him again and he did not get back up.

Good Job everybody.

Submitted by: Drakang(18 April 2020)

TOFS 3 Down. Tserrina Syl`Tor Sent packing
Tserrina Syl`Tor sent Bats, Vamps and Shadows at us. But to no avail. T2 Complete Waiting on T3. Good Job everybody.

Submitted by: Drakang(29 March 2020)

Its a Nice day for a Red Wedding Slaughter
Strange how a couple that hate each other so much and had such a fight going between them would try so hard to stop us from breaking up the wedding. But break it up we did. TOFS2 down on to finish T2.

Submitted by: Drakang(22 March 2020)

We cut out the Heart of Frozen Shadow
Took us a bit to find our way but we got to the heart of the matter and took out the Heart of Frozen Shadow. Now its time for a wedding.

Submitted by: Drakang(20 February 2020)

And the rest Fall in T1
The Sleeper and his friends were no match for us today. And the Generals of the Giants all fell in a row. Now waiting for T2 to unlock. Excellent work all.

Submitted by: Drakang(26 January 2020)

Kicking off a new expansion with a Server First win over Griklor
Well Done to the whole team. Got him down on our first attempt. Sleeper and GD to follow soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(18 January 2020)

And our first TBL T3 win in the books.
Seneschal Radiant Propensity was blocking the palace door. We asked nicely to go in and he said no so we killed him and all his friends

Submitted by: Drakang(15 December 2019)

The Generals were blocking the door so we killed them. On to T3
It was a long road and still a bit to go. But we beat down the Conflagrant Generals to advance to T3. Excellent work all.

Submitted by: Drakang(10 November 2019)

Light Burn the Ralafins. And so did we.
Another event down. The Ralafins dead and one more T2 event to get a win on and a little flagging for T3.

Submitted by: Drakang(13 October 2019)

Welcome to T2 winning. Esianti Raid down
It took a while to get it all sorted. And to find the exact right mix of bodies all over (Dang you raids where we fight in multiple spots). But we pulled together and finally got the win. On to Empyr

Submitted by: Drakang(22 September 2019)

We finally Smoked Smoke. On to T2.
Love having people spread all over makes my job fun to sort the mix. But we finally pulled it together and beat Smoke.

Good work everybody. Now on to T2 events
Submitted by: Drakang(11 August 2019)

Stratos Raid down. The big Giant dude finally fell
After fighting the giant at the end of the raid for a while we finally upped our DPS and got him dead.

Good work everybody. Now on to Smoke
Submitted by: Drakang(30 June 2019)

General Reparm Down
His Frogs and Snails provided our dinner and we sent him packing and stole his toys.

Congrats team. Long time coming but our first TBL win to be followed by many more.

Submitted by: Drakang(03 February 2019)

TSM Ace Detectives on the Case. We found the Thief.
And the first T2 event falls to us. Took a little work to get the hang of it and the final hails but we sorted it out. Helped having 52 in raid. A few slots left for those wanting to help move on through T2.

Submitted by: Drakang(20 October 2018)

And the wall came tumbling down. The wall to T2 that is
We are all still picking needles out of our armor but we beat down the big cactus and his friends.

Submitted by: Drakang(23 September 2018)

Second Horde down. Overking Bathezid defeated
Figures that Overking Bathezid would be a wimp. We slaughtered the waves of hordes he sent at us. We beat up his Warleader. Talendor got scared and ran off. Then Overking Bathezid ran off and hid thinking he was safe. Dummy never heard of arrows. Now he is dead and we are richer.

Submitted by: Drakang(09 June 2018)

One horde down, two to go (Balance of Power down)
We made our way to Gorowyn and found not one boss waiting for us but 5. But 5 bosses and all their adds were not greater than TSM.

Submitted by: Drakang(03 March 2018)

Long road finally over. Atrebe Sathir Sent packing
He tried to fend us off with all his allies but we killed them and stole his loot.
That is EOK finally finished and now on to ROS fun.

Submitted by: Drakang(11 February 2018)

Ancient Dragon killed
We have killed a lot of Dragons over the years but not an ancient one. We dealt with blood oozes and the dragon sending all of its young at us. But in the end we prevailed.

Submitted by: Drakang(10 February 2018)

Karzok Twins FINALLY beaten
It was a long hard path with a lot of flagging issues. But finally started getting full raids in zone and remembering how to stick and move. But got this one down and on to the Dragon.
Submitted by: Drakang(20 January 2018)

Happy Thanksgiving
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.
Submitted by: Drakang(22 November 2017)

Robbery reported at Atrebes Vault
It was a long time coming, but we finally broke into Atrebes Vault and stole the loot he had stashed there. On to T3.

Submitted by: Drakang(10 September 2017)

Queen Velazul and her friends were no match for TSM
She tried to summoning help over and over, Then she tried to run away but in the end she just wound up dead.

Submitted by: Drakang(04 March 2017)

Prince Selrach wanted to play hide and seek
We found him everytime and then proceeded to give him a good spanking.

Submitted by: Drakang(29 January 2017)

Hmm blood gods sound familiar.
So yes we played the part of Blade and put an end to this blood god.

Submitted by: Drakang(19 November 2016)

First steps into EOK
We saved Kattas butt again. This time from a horde of Sarnak and a dragon. Saving him is getting repetitive.

Submitted by: Drakang(18 November 2016)

Tita's Ghost Revisited
We refused to zerg our way through Captain Tita's Ghost as it was originally released. But with the changes it is now much more in line with the other content so we paid it another visit.

On our first attempt another win for TSM. Excellent work to all that were there.

Submitted by: Drakang(26 February 2015)

Totem Totem Totem Totem UNDEAD. WIN
We had to make our paladins happy and find some undead to kill and Principal Vicarum Nomia gave us that opportunity.

After some free loot last week (yeah for bugged raids) the team pulled it together and got a real win this week adding another server first notch to our belt.

Submitted by: Drakang(14 January 2015)

Golems and Books and Principal Quastori Numicia Oh My
We finally sorted through the semi chaos and put these 2 big golems to bed.

Excellent work to all especially our healers

Submitted by: Drakang(06 January 2015)

TSM learns to follow directions and beats up Praetor Vitio
Being a bunch of rebels who don't always like doing what we are told it took a bit for all to get used to following orders. Also took us a bit to shake off the memories of jumping out windows when told. But in the end we got it together and got another server first win.

More to come soon. Good job team
Submitted by: Drakang(30 December 2014)

Defense of the City meets TSM. Winner TSM
And we start our rampage through TDS with our first win in 14th place overall. Took a little to figure out the best way to handle the horde of mobs but we got it down pretty quickly.

Good job to all those that helped us learn and those that got the first win.

More to come.
Submitted by: Drakang(06 November 2014)

The Zek Twins Meet their match
Well we finally got bored with farming COTF raids and turned our attention back to the War raid. It took us a few times to get the hang of everything going on. Most of our tanks are a little bruised and beaten.

But in the end as always TSM was victorious and got a Server First win. 12th overall across all servers as best as we can tell.

Excellent work to all that helped get us another win.

Submitted by: Drakang(16 October 2014)

Lanys Given a Spanking and sent home.
So as usual Lanys had only her best interest at heart in trying to help us. So we shut down the portals knocked some sense into Zeb. Then for good measure we gave Lanys a spanking and sent her packing before sending the dragon home and saving Norath.

7th to beat the event server wide (would have been 4th if not for a doom comet). TSM has really come along way during my 9 years here.

Way to go team.

Submitted by: Drakang(23 July 2014)

And Blue follows Red
Well we had some fun with a Phoenix getting stuck in a wall and resetting the raid after we got the win. But we stuck with it and got the win smoothly the next time around.

Good job to all. The void coming soon.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 July 2014)

Beams and Fires and Imps Oh My.
None of that really mattered when we put our mind to it and put out the flame in Argin-Hiz.

Grats to the Red team who pulled in the TSM first win. I am sure Blue will follow up with a win this weekend.

Submitted by: Drakang(17 July 2014)

Red Team joins the Party in Tower of ROT
Slightly delayed on getting their win because a few people from red team had helped out on our first win.
But now Red team joins the party with both teams beating Tower of RoT.

Its officially on farm and we eagerly await the new raids.
Submitted by: Drakang(08 July 2014)

Kyle Bayle Bails out as TSM Storms the Tower of ROT
Well it was a long hard road learning and getting the last little bits down. But in the end as with every other challenge we have faced TSM triumphed.

One of the hardest raids in a while. Excellent work to all that got us here even if you were not on for the win today.

Submitted by: Drakang(29 June 2014)

Red and Blue turn the mobs Purple
Both our Day raiding Blue team and our Evening raiding Red team have completed all of COTF and are farming away waiting for more content.

Excellent work as always Blue team and way to come on strong Red team.
Submitted by: Drakang(30 January 2014)

TSM defeats another expansion
With 3 of 4 server firsts TSM ensures the top spot on the Rathe Server finishing off the new Bixie raid.

Excellent work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(25 January 2014)

And then there was one left to win
Today the TSM day raid team decided to take a look at the new Neriak raid. After a few set backs they figured it all out and pulled off another server first win for TSM. Leaves us one raid not beaten by TSM in the new raids.

Submitted by: Drakang(23 January 2014)

TSM Red puts the pressure on TSM Blue
TSM Red went out and got a Server first win on the new Dead Hills raid and then went and got a win on the new Karana raid. Time to see what TSM Blue can do.

Excellent work team.
Submitted by: Drakang(22 January 2014)

TSM Red Beats Bixie and Neriak on first tries
Our Red team continues to pile up the successes. Tonight they finished off the first part of COTF with wins on their first attempts on Bixie and Neriak.

Great work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(21 January 2014)

TSM Red team defeats Xulous Prime
Well there were the inevitable few wipes while people learned the event but the team came through in the end to pull out another first win.

Good job Red team. 2 more raids to win to be fully caught up.
Submitted by: Drakang(16 January 2014)

Red Team Finishes ROF
As a welcome back to full raiding after the holidays the Red team finished ROF with wins over HOF 2 and 3.

In addition with some new members we are seeing full Red team raids.

Now on to gearing up and finishing off COTF.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 January 2014)

Correction. Welcome Red Team to T4
They keep winning faster than I can post changes.

Tonight the Red Team took out Shadow and Glimpse to be into T4.

That means in 4 weeks the new Red Team beat all of ROF T1, T2, T3, its first T4 event and one COTF raid.
Way to go team.
Submitted by: Drakang(05 December 2013)

Red Team Marching On
With wins over Chapterhouse, Xorbb 1 and Xorbb 2 the team is one win away from breaking into ROF T3 and past the roadblock raids.

Progress has been excellent. Still have room for a few more good people to join the team.
Submitted by: Drakang(04 December 2013)

Welcome to T3 Red Team
Well sometimes Xorbb 3 can take a while to sort out so we threw in a bonus raid this week just in case it was needed.

It wasn't...Lower numbers but still the same great performance. We won Xorbb 3 on our first attempt (go wizard power).

Then just to cap off the night paid a visit to Chelsith and after one learning attempt Beat Chelsith to solidify the position in T3.

The Red team has impressively taken out all of ROF T1, T2 and will probably finish T3 this week plus a COTF Karana win in under a month.

Very Impressive work everybody
Submitted by: Drakang(04 December 2013)

TSM Red Team successes keep piling up
Although the main focus is on ROF flagging and gearing up all our new members, this week the team added two more first wins to their total

First we polished off Zalikor for another ROF T2 win.

Then in a proof that gear helps but quality players can rise above gear we defeated the Doomscale Horde for a COTF T1 win.

Well done to all on the Red Team

We still have spots open for those who want to join in the fun.
Submitted by: Drakang(21 November 2013)

TSM Evening Raid Team Successes
Still looking for more good people that want to come out join us and have fun. The Red Team has beaten all 4 ROF T1 events as well as Velishan, Evantil and Grelleth in T2. Still doing some T1 flagging and moving on. If you are interested in guest raiding with us or better yet joining our family contact Drakang or Powerful for details.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 November 2013)

TSM forming US Evening Raid Team
The Silent Minority is adding a second raid team, that will raid three days a week, to our current one. The current team (Blue Team) will continue its normal raid schedule.

The new team (Red Team) will raid at 8:30PM EST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

For more details Contact Powerful or Drakang.
Submitted by: Drakang(20 October 2013)

A War in Neriak Averted by TSM
So I decided to take the guild back to my home of Neriak and show them the sights. Nothing as beautiful as the glowing sigils over the lakes.

We get there to find the King and Queen are still feuding and are about to start a war. Well I like a good war as well as the next person but only if I start it.

The King and Queen sent out their champions to the field of battle and TSM procedeed to destroy both of them.

Made the king and queen make up and go home.

Grats on another TSM first win and A server first to take top spot for COTF Tier 1. 15th Guild overall to beat Tier 1. I'll take it.
Submitted by: Drakang(18 October 2013)

Fun time in the Hive tonight
We paid the Bixies a visit to get drunk on some honey wine. They got upset with our singing and attacked us. Who isnt gonna sing with a drum playing though?

Anyway we killed off a few swarms and some crazed bixies and suddenly the place was all quiet.

Grats on another first win guys.
Submitted by: Drakang(17 October 2013)

Xulous not in his Prime anymore
Xulous Prime is one disgusting guy. He threw maggots and corpses and mosquitos (oh my) at us. But no matter what he threw at us we just kept coming back. Till finally he joined the long line of corpses that TSM has made.

Grats Team on a server first and our second COTF win.
Submitted by: Drakang(10 October 2013)

Doomscale Horde no match for TSM Horde. News at 11
They came and came and came at us some more. But TSM managed to plow its way through the hordes and confront Deathmaster Sarenth. He tried tossing us around but we tossed him in the trash.

Grats TSM our first win in the new expansion.

Good job team
Submitted by: Drakang(09 October 2013)

TSM puts an end to Fear
Tonight we had a glimpse of a chest, slaughtered a mass of mobs and then for good measure we paid Xaric a visit and taught him who should really be feared and its not him.

Grats TSM on another server first taking over the top spot on the server till the fun starts again on the next expansion.

Good job team
Submitted by: Drakang(03 August 2013)

Memories of falling mobs
So after paying Glimpse a visit we moved on to try and break Cazic Thule out of this big crystal. The event may be called Memories of the Faceless but all my memories are of swarms of mobs all over.

However, when the last mob fell TSM was still standing and collecting more loot. Also got the achievement for killing all required mobs in under 15 minutes. No shortcuts for us.

On to save Cazic Thule (or kill him you never know).
Submitted by: Drakang(28 July 2013)

We got a Glimpse of a win
We got a glimpse of a chest past the fragments and goo and pulled off a win on our first T4 event.

Good job everybody on learning new events.
Submitted by: Drakang(16 July 2013)

We kicked the Shadow out of Luclin
She was hot and sexy but we still had to beat her up to make her give us some nice loot.

Tier 3 down waiting for Tier 4.

Good job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(27 April 2013)

We are the Champions of the world (well Chelsith at least)
Today we paid a visit to the Arena in Chelsith (ignore all those other visits). We challanged the champion and defeated him and all his friends.

Another server first for The Silent Minority

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(21 April 2013)

King of the hill (of dragon bodies)
Now that Xorbb is dead we went back went back and created a giant mound of dragon bodies in NTOV. We planted Vulak'Aerr's skull right at the top.
Submitted by: Drakang(02 March 2013)

There can be only ONE
Yes thats right TSM finished the Expansion first for our server with a defeat of the Return of Xorbb.

An amazing jump forward for the little guild that could that was a few expansions behind when I joined.

Proud of every single member for their contribution. And they did it on Valentines day as my present.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 February 2013)

We hate Brownies Oh yes we do.
Well after banging our heads against a wall called Findlewill for several days we learned a few things. Some of us have really thick skulls and that PITA little brownie can die. We were so busy dancing on his corpse we almost forgot about this giant rampaging minotaur. But we polished him off as well.

Grats TSM on another server first taking out the Guardians at the gate

And since we had not seen enough death on the mobs side yet we went down and killed Yymp the Infernal for good measure

Grats TSM on 2 more server firsts and being the 13th Guild game wide that we know of to beat the first 2 Xorbb events.

King Xorbb is not long for this world
Submitted by: Drakang(10 February 2013)

A Matter of Life and Death? We Choose Marnek's Death
This very conflicted Paladin named Ioris asked us to take out this Necromancer named Marnek. Hey simple job right? Nobody mentioned the large number of undead that would be helping him.
But no matter. We quickly figured out what was going on and put an end to Marnek.

Way to go team. Another TSM and Server First.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 January 2013)

A Feast for Zalikor turns out to be a Feast on Zalikor
So were wandering around and run into this dragon. He tries turning us into little dragons and eating us. Needless to say we were not thrilled with this idea. So we decided kill him put him on a spit over the lava nearby and have a Dragon Barbecue.

Good work all. Another TSM first and another Server First.
Submitted by: Drakang(12 January 2013)

Velishan's Revenge turns into TSM's Revenge
Okay so we stopped in to say hi and he went nuts and smacked us around. So to return the favor we smacked him around and stole the trove of treasure he was guarding.

Another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust. Hey Zalikor were gonna get you to, another one bites the dust.

Good job team.
Submitted by: Drakang(08 January 2013)

Silent Minority Yard Service made a house call
So we got asked to help take care of some messy infestation in somebodies trees. First thing we noticed is trees should not have molars so we riped those out. Then we cleared out an ant Infestation. Finally we found a nasty growth. We removed it the customer happily rewarded us with some nice loot.

Grats On Evantil win.
Submitted by: Drakang(05 January 2013)

Big day in TSM town
Okay so first we went to Eastern Wastes. We saw this big dragon inside a giant crystal. And since Dragons horde treasure we Started beating on the crystal and we fell inside.

After getting swarmed by a bunch of giants and coldain a dragon came out to play. He did not last long.

We were so thrilled we headed over to Grelleth and found this giant pig queen. She and her brood tried to cause us problems but they quickly learned TSM Loves them some Bacon and we fried them all up.

Good job all on 2 server first wins and TSMs first T2 win.
Submitted by: Drakang(30 December 2012)

Merry Christmas from to all
From the guild hall where the stocking are hung and we await a visit from Santug Claugg, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Never forget the Reason for the Season.
Submitted by: Drakang(24 December 2012)

Dragon slaying Rampage
I think the TSM crew today had a little pent up rage. They went on a rampage through the North Temple of Veeshan slaughtering 8 dragons, including 6 new first kills for TSM.

I think I saw Vulak`Aerr starting to get a bit nervous.
Submitted by: Drakang(18 December 2012)

Crazy dwarf wanted all the ore to herself and was going a bit nuts. We bonked her on the head with a few boulders and smacked some sense into her.

Way to go team. Another win for the TSM crew
Submitted by: Drakang(16 December 2012)

King Tormax no longer Tormented
We paid King Tormax a visit. He had found a crystal and it was messing with his mind. He summoned up his worst fears so we killed them. Then he summoned them all up again (King Tormax is a fraidy cat). We knocked them out and got rid of the crystal so he paid us off with some nice loot.
Server First kill on a progression event. Good Job TSM

Submitted by: Drakang(15 December 2012)

If your trying to Call the Phantasm hes not home anymore
Took a few tries to get all the adds sorted out but paid another visit to the Shards Landing raid last night. First we found the murderer, go figure it was a paladin trying to hide in our midst. I mean if I kill somebody I openly admit it. But, I digress

Then we rolled through everything else it threw at us. In the end only TSM were left standing.

Excellent work again team, Time to play with some giants.
Submitted by: Drakang(08 December 2012)

TSM First kills also Server First kills
Okay so this is brand new territory to TSM and I could not be prouder of our raid team. With the new Reign of Fear Expansion we paid a visit to the revamped North Temple of Veeshen. Found out a few things. Dragons pack a wallop. Some old school skills like tank swapping come in handy.

But we manage to kill 3 of the dragons and when we went and looked we found that we were first on the server to get those kills. Hopefully this weekend we add a few more firsts to our list.

Missing the third shot will have a word with the photographer.

Way to go TSM
Submitted by: Drakang(29 November 2012)

TSM wins EQ
Okay so not really. But we did beat the Triune God to finish the VOA expansion before the next one came out which is a massive step forward for TSM. We are second to finish on our server and in the top 20 across all servers.

Way to go guys
Submitted by: Drakang(14 October 2012)

Voice of Ryken no longer making such a Cacophony
He yelled and screamed and told us to hail him and bow before him and run here and run there. He also sent lots of friends for us to play with. But while all that was going on our special Necro corps group was dotting him down.

In the end he was just another blow hard trying to make life difficult for the TSM crew and failing.

good job everyone. One more event to go.
Submitted by: Drakang(16 September 2012)

Fumerak the Quintessence = Fumerak the Dead
He told us we had to click the crystals to live, we told him to Click this.
He and his Statues and his adds are a royal pain in the butt. But we kept at it, and pulled out the win.

Excellent work to all involved.
Submitted by: Drakang(08 September 2012)

We raised the dead then killed them again
Moving deeper into the Sepulcher raid on what is usually one of our lightest raid days those in attendance dug deep and pulled out a win over Sepulcher event 2 Raising the dead.

Good work team. Moving on up to the big time.
Submitted by: Drakang(21 August 2012)

Two Faces, One Vision, One win.
You train them, you mold them, you guide them, and then when your backs turned they run off and get a first win. Good job tonight guys and gals. Wish I could have been there for the fun.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 August 2012)

I hate Bats.... But I like moving into Sepulcher raids
Well it was a weekend of pain caused mainly by bats and mobs invading my dreams or was it dreamers invading my raids. Whichever. Finally we settled in got all the moving parts down and suddenly it all be came simple.

Grat TSM on a win over Cacophony of Power in Windsong. No matter what they throw at us we keep rising to the challenge.

Good Job all. PS. Here is what we did with the bats.

Submitted by: Drakang(12 August 2012)

Moving on up to windsong.
After successfully dividing our forces and learning the trials we suddenly found ourselves facing one foe. Really we took on seperate trials with adds and emotes and all that crazyness and then one guy with a mana drain is gonna bother us?

Alra Unearthed. TSM headed for Windsong. Great Job all.

Nothing more to say :)
Submitted by: Drakang(28 July 2012)

Welcome officially to T4 VOA
It was a long (okay VERRRY long fight) but all stuck with it and pulled out our first win defeating the Order of Three in City of Bronze. On to the Pillars.

Excellent work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(01 July 2012)

Happy Anniversary
Okay so this is not about winning our first T4 raid or some other raiding achievement that guilds normally brag about.

However, this is about an achievement that is rare for guilds. 10 years ago today a group of 16 people bonded together by a game gathered on the bridge between North Karana and South Karana and waited for a GM to show up. When he arrived he officially granted them the guild title The Silent Minority. So named becuase they were all European players on a heavily US based server and game.

Over the years TSM has changed. We now have alot of US members. Most of the original members have moved to Antoinus Bayle or retired from the game. A few indidviduals (Oozie and Syssta) are still around from those early days.

What has not changed is the spirit that existed in TSM. Although we raid we are not just about raiding, although we all have our own goals we are ready to help each other, although we are a strong guild we are never to proud to take a little help from friends.

So today we celebrate something special and rare in the world of Everquest.

To all that have been a part of TSM over the years and contributed to this milestone....Thanks.

Grats on 10 years TSM. May there be many more to come.
Submitted by: Drakang(11 April 2012)

Time and Tide wait for no man
Time and Tide may wait for no man. But all the crazy stuff going on in rubak is stopped for a while. It took us a bit to sort out the placement and get it all straight but another raid down.

On to T4. Just working on flags now.\

Excellent work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(25 March 2012)

13th Anniversary was lucky for us.
Well had to wait for the bugs to be fixed to get past phase 4 of the Anniversary raid. But we went back today and payed Vaadoon, Venril Sathir, Mayong Mistmoore and Tserrina a visit. They were not happy to see us but we were happy to seem them die.

And Stanzaa was happy with his new look for his sword.

Great work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(22 March 2012)

Two sides of the Stone - alot, TSM -1
Well we worked it and worked it and worked it some more. We got frustrated, tired, at times mad. But in the end TSM came together, worked together, and learned the event and got the win.

Great work all. Again Nothing this game throws at us that we dont manage to figure out working together.
Submitted by: Drakng(04 March 2012)

King of Beasts dead. Long live the new king till we visit him.
Well even though things were still going a bit slow in getting a full raid T3 flagged we decided to pay the King a visit with the 43 or so we could get in zone.

The picture says it all. We came we conquered and the king is dead. Long live the new king till next week when we pay him a visit and help bring in a new king again.

Good work team.
Submitted by: Drakang(22 January 2012)

The standards for Gods have really gone down
Okay so we went to the Valley of Lunanyn and there were our old buddies Sol Ro and Rallos who we have kicked around for years. They should really hate us after all the times we killed them.

But here they are now begging for our help. They can't even kill off a few trash mobs they make us and our hired hands do all the work.

Then some priest shows up ranting about this and that. Didnt really care if he killed the gods or not but we had to shut him up.

At least we got paid nicely at the end.

Good work team.
Submitted by: Drakang(22 December 2011)

Merry Christmas from a few of us to all of you.

And both VOA T2 raids down as a christmas present for us.

Submitted by: Drakang(19 December 2011)

High Priest Vyers tried to start some trouble but he did not count on TSM
Paid our first visit to Sarith city today. Had a bit of a stumble at first but rapidly progressed through the event found it to be trivial for the solid TSM crew that showed up today.

Another win for TSM. Good job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(18 December 2011)

Morell was trying to ascend but we pulled him back down.
Took a little while to sort it all out but we finally pulled it together and took out Morell Ascendent to complete Sanctum Somnium raids.

Now on to VOA T2 raids for more fun and challanges.

Excellent work to all that made it possible.
Submitted by: Drakang(13 December 2011)

Whats Big, Red Hot, and spawns lots of adds
I don't know but its dead.

Grats to the TSM raid force taking down the first raid in the VOA expansion. Illdaera's Vengeance.

The Avatar of Steel was big, and he threw alot at us. But TSM persevered and figured out the event. A whole new game for TSM in beating raids before there are strats out on them and the team came through with flying colors.

Submitted by: Drakang(22 November 2011)

TSM cuts the Dream Master's strings and brought a dose of reality to Fabracata.
More wins for TSM!!

Dream Master threw his best riddles at us and we were up to the challenge. It wasn't the prettiest win ever, but a win is a win.

Calibo was little challenge, so Fabracata brought out the apparitions, horrors, insanities and Lord DOUGS for us to play with. But in the end with the necro tanking, Fabracata went down

Six events beaten, one to go. Will TSM finish Sanctum before VoA? Stay tuned.
Submitted by: Powerful(13 November 2011)

TSM goes down Under the Sea and to the Islands of Sand for two more wins in Sanctum
TSM marches on in Sanctum.

Leviathan did his best to drown us, but he wasn't a match for TSM. Dealing with the hungry sharks while getting our loot was more of a challenge.

He made us run in circles around the island killing dervishes and dodging tornados, but eventually Lord Silifore showed his face. Soon after that he was face down in the sand, but not before we shoved him halfway across the island.

Two more events downed, three to go.
Submitted by: Powerful(05 November 2011)

The Essence of our dream was to beat The Essence of Dreams
Following up on our win over the first raid in SS we went back for more fun.

Walls that are hard to see, massive amounts of stunning and mezzing adds and mobs to be kited all over were not match enough for the TSM raid force.

Another raid down. More coming soon

Submitted by: Drakang(03 November 2011)

The Tower door has been kicked in and were ready to join the party
After a few practice runs to work out the kinks we finally put the lawman in the ground.

Grats all on excellent work getting our first Sanctum Somnium raid win. More fun soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(01 November 2011)

Third times the charm to be the third guild to beat HOT T3.
We went one day and learned the first part. We went a second day and started the second part. We went a third time and KICKED Xaender's butt. It was also the third actual attempt on fighting Xaender.

So 3 raid days, 3 Attempts on Xaender and we become the third guild to finish HOT T3 on the server.

Now just a few more keys (okay alot more keys) and we are on to SS.

Submitted by: Drakang(02 October 2011)

A wise man said, "The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself"
Well that's not the case for TSM. We don't even fear Fear anymore. Cazic Thule was left wishing he had never run into us.

Good work all.
Submitted by: Drakang(10 September 2011)

Miraguls split personality rejoined into one corpse
Miragul threw his worst at us but even trying to confuse us by making us kill 3 mobs at once was not enough.

Congratulations all. Figured while the leader was away you would do something impressive.
Submitted by: Drakang(04 September 2011)

Have you ever noticed that Alkabor Talks alot? Well not anymore
After getting steamrolled a few times by adds and auras TSM came back with a vengeance.

We were tired of dieing, tired of auras, tired of adds, but mostly we were tired of listening to Alkabor Ramble on and on about how tough things were and how much better he was and how powerful he was.

So we shut him up once and for all.

Another tier 3 event down and TSM keeps moving on. And way to go Developers on creating an event that makes us turn on effects so we get to see all the work you put into pretty things bouncing around that most of us never see cause we don't want to go blind.

Good job team
Submitted by: Drakang(09 August 2011)

Lilth Tried to betray the wrong group today
We paid Lilth a visit and she tried to betray us and kill us so we returned the favor.

Grats all on first T3 win.

Submitted by: Drakang(03 July 2011)

Welcome to HOT T3 TSM:
Well last night after quckly smacking some sense into Brell Serillis to get more people flagged for convorteum we decided to pay Erud a visit and try to wake him from his dream.

Terris Thule threw everything she had at us and there were alot of deaths on both sides of the fight. But in the end the only thing that mattered was Terris Thule at 0% begging for mercy and running off.

Submitted by: Drakang(02 July 2011)

Librarian Shushed
We kept making visits to the library and the Librarian kept yelling at us to read quietly. Well we didn't want to read quietly we wanted to be noisy. So we Shushed her before she could shush us again.

Good job all 3 of 4 down to head to HOT T3.

Submitted by: Drakang(26 June 2011)

TSM beats UF killing The First Creation
Headline says it all. Good job all.

Submitted by: Drakang(05 June 2011)

Repeats are fun
We headed back to Convorteum and knocked out events two throught five again picking up some bonus chests along the way.

We even remembered to get a few pics this time.
Unstable Creation and Hall of Records

Submitted by: Drakang(04 June 2011)

Maybe I should go on Vacation more often
While the guild leader is away the Guild will play. Playing is fine but they are rocking away while I am gone.

Grats to all that made it today on first wins on
Unstable Creation
The Keymaster
Hall of Records
We continue moving ahead through Convorteum with now just the fun of the sisters and the first creation himself left to beat.
Submitted by: Drakang(29 May 2011)

And another one down
Hmm I knew I should have locked the guild hall door when I left. Here I was off hard at work trying to pay my bills and the guild runs off to raid without me.

Not only that but they run off and get another first kill without me.

Grats on Stonewarden win TSM. Good job and keep it up even when I am not around.
Submitted by: Drakang(23 May 2011)

Today was moving day for TSM (into Convorteum that is)
After struggling past beasts and beetles, brath and crazed mephits. After Deconstructing and Creating over and over we finally paid Brell himself a visit to tell him to get it together and fix things.

He tried to chase us off or kill us off but finally we got his attention. His response was to tell us to take care of it. So we packed up and moved into Convorteum.

Welcome to Convorteum TSM. Time to pay The First a Visit.

Submitted by: Drakang(22 May 2011)

Game is back up. Vacation is over. Time for all good TMSer's to come back and raid and die.

Oh and to all the old members who have drifted off. Your account is probably active now for 45 days free. Good time to renew the addiction.
Submitted by: Drakang(15 May 2011)

Well the Well went Well
I ran into this ghost named mortimer (never trust people named mortimer especially ghosts named mortimer). He says he knows where there is this big chest full of loot and all I have to do to get it is to kill 10 measly little tentacle terrors.

So We rounded up the gang and headed down to make quick work of them. Well the Tentacle terrors had a nasty case of split personality when we started beating on them and popped into 2 mobs. Then they started calling spiders and all kinds of other bugs out the walls. It got Nasty. It got deadly. We all thought we were gonna die a few times over. Some of us did die a few times over.

But in the end the terrors all died and we walked away with another win and some very nice goodies.

Grats All on another TSM first win on Terror in the Dark.

Submitted by: Drakang(16 April 2011)

Lizards Sent Packing
Well after a few practice rounds we pull out all the stops. From severe pain to one of the smoothest raid wins I have seen.

Ritual of Terror DOWN

Welcome officially to HOT T2

Submitted by: Drakang(10 April 2011)

Banner day in TSM land
First after working hard for some time we got all the mechanics down and. BOOM.

Trial of Creation down. Now just audience with Brell Serilis and we are convortuem bound.

If that was not enough to make us all happy campers we then heard about this nasty tree over in the Grounds that was talking smack about how powerful it was. So we paid the Grounds a visit and Sprayed some TSM brand Weedkiller on Thornbustle. Root of evil raid a win.

Grats to all the new champions of the grounds

Submitted by: Drakang(03 April 2011)

The Wrecking crew has arrived
The Mephits in Lichen Creep were trying to build something. We are not sure exactly what they were trying to build but mephits trying to build anything is just unnerving.

So for the sake of mankind (trust us thoughts of loot and flags for convorteum did not even enter our minds) we put a stop to (okay we died a few times first trying) but in the end another task down to TSM.

Good Job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(27 February 2011)

Deconstruction, Deconstructed
The trial of deconstruction threw all it had at us in a fast frenzied mess, but in the end we proved better than the trial.

2 of 5 T8 events down, 3 to go.
Submitted by: Drakang(19 February 2011)

Fungal Forest No longer Corrupted
We were all feeling good so we sat around this big circle and smoked some shrooms. They must have done something to us cause then we all saw this giant ugly beetle. It was just to ugly to live so we killed it. Those where some strange shrooms.

Good job to all that came out for our first win on Fungal Corruption. Everybody held it together and recoverded from a brief oh crap moment to pull out a solid win. Deconstruction will fall to us soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(13 February 2011)

Cliknar Queen dead. News at 11
Seems some adventurers went to talk to the cliknar queen to ask her nicely to behave. She sent out guards to stop them. The guards were not very effective. When the adventurers asked her nicely to behave she got irrate and attacked. So they killed her. Guess that will make her behave.

Good job everybody. TSM moving to T8 soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(09 January 2011)

The Queen needs to find some new Guards
Okay we got asked to go talk to the cliknar queen. Seems her guards did not want to let us in. So we made them chase us around in circles till they got tired then we killed them cause they were ugly.

On to face the queen and her bazillion minions.

Submitted by: Drakang(12 December 2010)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, The big old Clock has stopped.
Finally got all the mechanics sorted out and got our first win on Tick Tock in House of Thule. Now if they will just fix the Feerott raid so its winnable TSM will be rocking the flagging events in House of Thule.

Submitted by: Drakang(05 December 2010)

The Wrath of Brath lost to the Wrath of TSM
Well after a few practice runs the whole team stayed focused and pushed on and took down Brath. He tried all he could but it was not enough to overcome us in the end.

Submitted by: Drakang(27 November 2010)

TSM Goes on Badger Slaughtering Rampage
As I peered over the pile of badger corpses I saw the final one fall.

Good Job TSM on winning Masked Invaders. Another first kill for us and our first T7 win.

Submitted by: Drakang(14 November 2010)

The Unburrowing Down
Well we returned in Force with all out past learning brought to bear and downed The Unborrowing in a very smooth win.

Excellent Job all. T7 wins to follow soon

Submitted by: Drakang(07 November 2010)

Return to Raiding
Well with HOT out we took a short break from raiding to let people focus on leveling and exploring the new content.

We returned to raiding with wins on Fippy and The Beast.

I expect Unburrowing to fall soon moving us into Tier 7 raids

Submitted by: Drakang(25 October 2010)

Well it took a while and some heavy work. But The Beast has fallen to TSM as our second UF raid.
Submitted by: Drakang(26 September 2010)

Return to Underfoot
Well its been a while with everybody out on Summer vacation, but we finally had the team back together and paid Fippy another visit. We felt the event was a bit easy so we Powerleveled him up a few times. Then we got back in the swing of things and sent him packing.

Grats all on another Win (thats 4). More Fippy to come and Beast will die soon.
Submitted by: Drakang(18 July 2010)

And another one bites the dust
Well been busy but finally got back around to trying all of hard tower and.....

Brekt was left laying in the rock piles on his tower.

So hard tower done. Now on to farming and working on The Beast.
Submitted by: Drakang(24 June 2010)

Return to Hard Tower
We came back on Thursday to try and finish up the tower on hard. It took a bit to get the initial moves and shuffleing done but then we were off to the races.

Scrying Chamber and Sacrifice rapidly fell. Overlord Muram and the gang gave us a run for our money but we finished them off with easily 10 or 15 seconds to spare :)

On to Lord Brekt. The team made an excellent run at it but a few slips and we wiped with him at 3%. Next time he falls.

Good job all involved.
Submitted by: Drakang(27 May 2010)

What do you do when numbers are low.
Well attendence was down a bit today. So after doing warrens for wrist/hand essence (Curse the lack of targets that drop them) we were a bit stumped as to what to do. We had been talking about getting back to trying hard Tower for a while now so....

Instead of just talking we headed back to Korafax. Hard Mindblight we had won before and all did a great job.

Next up Trophy room. It got a bit close at a few points on lack of DPS but all held it together and focused and stayed at it to pull out a first win on hard Trophy room.

Never wanting to end on a success when we could get a free port to the guild lobby we pressed on to the Stasis Chamber event. With the biggest hiccup being me dieing right after a pull and hitting go to bind vice rez we stayed focused and strong and Added another first win to our list.

Looks like Thursday may be another day to add a few more hard wins to the list. Thanks to all those that were understanding of the numbers limits and sat outside encouraging us to push on and win.

Oh and we tossed in third fippy win Sunday officially putting him on farm status. The beast will fall soon enough.
Submitted by: Drakang(24 May 2010)

Fippy down a second time
Well after getting smacked around a bit and being reminded that UF can be tough we went back and put Fippy in the ground again.

We then found out the beast can be a beast but I expect Grunkuck will die in the not to distant future as well.
Submitted by: Drakang(16 May 2010)

TSM starts the Underfoot Journey by smacking fippy around
Well TSM began a new chapter in its raiding today. We have killed a raid mob while it was the current expansion.

Fippy Darkpaw had been yapping in my ear to much of late so we paid him a visit. One practice run then we finished him off second time. Grats to the team on the first of many Underfoot wins to come.

Submitted by: Drakang(02 May 2010)

Steel Behemoth down again
Well we were short on healing but not on ambition. Once again when it counted all focused in on the task at hand and beat the Steel Behemoth event again. They really should add a third aug :) Oh well maybe a faction hit or more XP next time.

Good job all.
Submitted by: Drakang(11 April 2010)

Answering the call of a challenge
Well after beating the tower again we were standing around in the plane of knowledge wondering what other trouble we could get into. When we hear this guy Karl Kranigan hollering about looking for somebody to test his clockwork robots in battle.

Never one to pass up a chance to get slaughtered and maimed we decided to try it out. Well Karl's first 9 clockworks were pretty wimpy. The 10th was easy except he kept splashing lava on people.

We took a small breather then went after the last one. And in an impressive display of DPS, Healing and focus we downed the last of the Steel Behemoths.

Grats to all on our nice shiny new augs and to Powerful and Galdox on some nice Unneksteel gear. We might have to pay Karl another visit if he can turn the pile of scrap we left behind into golems again.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 March 2010)

Hard Times call for Hard Measures
Not sure if its Spring Break or just improving weather but attendance was down so we did a few easy tasks in the Earth theme as a warm up.

Not willing to give up without something challanging and allowing for numbers down but the quality of the team solid we decided to visit the tower on hard.

Our first attempt on Mindblight was a loss with him despawning just 2% shy of staying up. We regrouped adjusted and went on to win our first hard tower event. Grats to Lollanna on the first but certainly not the last piece of loot from hard tower.

Also a note of thanks to some of our friends from Sword of Fate that brought along their healers to help cover where we were short. Once again having friends who help us out paid dividends for TSM.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 March 2010)

Brothers Zek and Eriaks Downfall Defeated
Many Guilds have skipped past Brothers Zek as one of the harder fights in SOD. Not content to leave a raid unwon we had tried a few times. Went back tonight and finally had it all come together for this win.

The Silent Minority has now won every raid fight in the SOD expansion.
Excellent job to all that came out.
Oh and we continue our weekly Tower clears and Korafax farming.

Hmm what is that I hear in the distance could it be a a gnoll yipping out a challange. Perhaps we will have to see soon.
Submitted by: Drakang(06 March 2010)

Tower defeated again
Returned to the Tower and quickly moved through in 2 raids. This officially puts the tower on farm status. Now to work on hard tower.
Submitted by: Drakang(07 February 2010)

Solteris completed
No I did not put the wrong date on an old entry and no our website has not gone nuts (although some think I did).

We had never finished and won the last 2 fights in Solteris so we returned and finished them off. Gotta say the balance fights were a challange. Event 3 done with Just tanks DPSing and still got close on to much DSP at times.

All in all a fun run and a nice break. Now back to the tower.
Submitted by: Drakang(31 January 2010)

Tower Day 6 Brekt Sent Packing
Well only 11 short Calendar days from when we first entered the tower and on our 6th raid we took out Overlord Zun Muram and friends and popped up top to pay Lord Brekt a visit.

First fight went to Brekt but we quickly regrouped and went at him again. A bit quicker than planned actually (side note target players not mobs when casting buffs). After a bit of insanity on the start everybody settled in and Brekkt was soon lying lifeless on the floor.

So there are a lot of happy TSM folks running around now with Time Lord Tags.

Now to settle in for some serious farming and working on Hard Tower events. Plus still need to go back and finish of 2 last fights in the Rathe Council Chamber to finish off everything.

A nice shot of us all sitting around enjoying the view from up top.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 January 2010)

Tower Days 4 and 5
Well on Day 4 we went back and recleared events 1,2 and 3. Events 1 and 2 really on farm status now.

Day 5 we polished off event 5 and the minis. Went after event 6 and failed with Syncara at 2%. Will be a win next trip then on to face Brekkt.
Submitted by: Drakang(25 January 2010)

Tower day 3 (or is it 2.5)
Well after blowing through korafax in under 2 hours we had time left so we went back to the tower to pay the scyers a visit again. This time knowing the right way to light the fires made all the differance and Event 4 Down to TSM. TSM 1 Scryers 1.5. Starting a new cycle soon and pushing for the last few events.
Submitted by: Drakang(21 January 2010)

Tower Day 2 the adventure continues
We returned to the tower to chase down the curator that got away from us in the trophy room. We took some abuse but finally beat him down. TSM 1 Curator 3. We will be back to even up the score. We moved on to the Scryers but had a few initial issues on how the event worked and then it bugged and did not reset. TSM 0 Scryers 1.5 (they dont get a full point for the buggy event). This one will fall next visit.
Submitted by: Drakang(18 January 2010)

Tower Day one the adventure begins
Okay Started the day getting spanked by mindblights oozes. We got mad and came back with a vengence and killed him on the second try. TSM 1, Mindblight 1. Think Mindblight will have to be happy he got one win.

Next we visited the Curators Trophy room. We proceeded through things well until most of the raid got trapped between the last 2 mobs and well when I bannered back I found a pile of corpses outside the door. We rezzed up and went back for more and killed all the Curators pretty trophys and chased him off. TSM 1, Trophy room 1.

We moved in to check out the Curators Stasis Chambers. We rapidly killed off all his pets and then he through Firona Vie and Lanys at us. A bit of confusion ensued and we ended it with TSM 0, Stasis Chamber 1.

We will return to even up that last score and push ahead.
Submitted by: Drakang(17 January 2010)

Starting the New year right
Well we had rested on our laurels long enough that mine were a bit sore. So we got busy for the new year. First wins On Rallos Returns, Mindshear, and a not pretty but still a win run on Fall of Toskirak. Only leaving us 2 more SOD fights to work on outside the tower.

Good thing our first tower raid is coming up soon.

Submitted by: Drakang(09 January 2010)

Field of Scale theme complete
Well after trying many things we finally pulled it together and survived the pain of FOS 1 a Council Divided. We then went on to Beat the final battle royal in Field of Scale.
Good Job all

Submitted by: Drakang(15 November 2009)

Venom Lord Joins Pallorax in the morgue
After a few experiments we finally completed Venom Lord Ksathrax increasing our flag rate for Tower. Now just that crappy Mindshear fight to get down.
Good Job all
Submitted by: Drakang(05 November 2009)

Staying busy
After beating Kerafyrm we have still been busy. The score on Pallorax now stands at 2 regular wins and 2 hard wins with no losses. We revisted Tyranont in the warrens for another win. We made a return to MMM to flag up some new folks for Crystallos (All devs that thought not putting backflags in crystallos was a good idea should be shot). Several other SOD fights should fall to TSM soon. Oh and we keep paying Naggy and Vox visits just to fill in a little more time. All that and we still took time off to let folks relax on Halloween.
Submitted by: Drakang(04 November 2009)

Kerafyrm Recaptured and Crystallos has fallen to TSM.
One week after making our initial visit to Kerafyrm we returned for a flawless run through Air, Broodmother and ended with Kerafyrm recaptured by the guardians and TSM honored with the title Dragonkin
Good Job all

Submitted by: Drakang(25 October 2009)

Broodmother Slain News at 5
On the scene reporters said her hoard of babies was mercilessly slaughtered and she was killed right next to them. The reporters are right we hit her and hard and won this time. We played around with Kerafyrm but she got to live till another day.
Good Job all

Submitted by: Drakang(19 October 2009)

Air Wing in Cryrstallos finally falls
Okay after many training sessions of me leading the guild around in a circle we finally got the hang of it and beat Vyskudra. We paid Broodmother a visit but her adds caught us a bit unawares in their volume. But I am sure she will fall soon.
Good Job all

Submitted by: drakang(18 October 2009)

Pallorax 0 TSM 1.
We finally decided to pay Pallorax a visit. He may slay alot of souls but he did not slay very many of us. Although we lost a few warriors the clerics did manage to keep this little SK alive tanking alot of the fight. So well done to the clerics.
Good Job all

Submitted by: Drakang(15 October 2009)

Bloody Kith gets bloodier
Although still a bit buggy and heavy on healing after the last patch we returned to Bloody Kithicor and this time it was the agents of Discord that got bloody instead of us. another SOD raid falls to the TSM crew.
Good Job all
And a screenshot from our second win.
Submitted by: Drakang(20 September 2009)

Needed a break
While working MMM and Crystallos to gear up we decided to pay SOD a visit and give ourselves a break from the farming. Thing started out rough but in the end The Warrens Crystal Core and FOS 2 Claiming Fellbane both fell to us in first wins on each. Well done to all that were a part of the wins.
Submitted by: Drakang(13 September 2009)

While the Raid Leader is away...
... our raid force may not be quite as slick as we are when under Drak's command; however, we have enjoyed several sweet victories in MMM, SoD and even some visits to our old buddy Bimba. Thanks to everyone for their patience & cooperation. We've gotten some nice loots! Is Drakang back yet??
Submitted by: Shenghai/Hypatia(24 August 2009)

Crystallos Update. Ice Wing down. On to Air
The Saturday crew outdid themselves and Got a First TSM kill of the Ice wing of Crystallos. This was also the first time any of us remember the Saturday crew getting a TSM first kill. We have come a long way from the go get some extra loot raid.
Submitted by: drakang(25 July 2009)

Crystallos day 1, TSM hotter than fire and harder than rock
Okay, maybe it's just my head at times that is harder than rock. But in the end we came, we saw, we got a bit toasty but in the end we conquered the fire and earth wings. Next visit we'll try out ice and the dreaded air.
Would have made this bigger but the reflection off the bald gnome is bad enough at this size.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 June 2009)

Meldrath Down for the 5th Time. TSM to visit Crystallos
After killing Meldrath for the 5th time we finally have enough flagged to make a run on Crystallos. We are not done beating up on Meldrath and will return there again but it's time for new challenges.
Submitted by: Drakang(20 June 2009)

The Slackers that Roared
The Saturday night raid crew is usually one of our smaller ones and usually does the simpler stuff due to lack of numbers. But they finally had enough of that reputation. After doing all 6 MMM backflag mobs in one mass run on Saturday the 23rd they powered back again this week and took down Breakneck, Krond and Prototype on the 30th. The successes inspired the Sunday crew and we flew through Brinda, Bargangle and tTook down Meldrath again. Meldrath may be the longest of the fights but is much easier than some of the others.
Submitted by: Drakang(31 May 2009)

Prototype now ProtoJunk and Meldrath and Friends looking for a home

TSM came back in Force after our quick take down of Breakneck, Krond and Bargangle on Sunday and added Brinda, Prototype and Meldrath Kills to our list. Meldrath was long and threw us some twists but nothing we could not handle. First kills on Prototype and Meldrath so now other than the general pain of Breakneck MMM is on farm status.

Submitted by: (18 May 2009)

Seneschal Bargangle Loses in Crash with TSM and a pipe

Although Breakneck has proven frustrating of late due to the spring slump, we finally had our raiders back in force and Took down Breakneck, Krond and A first win on Bargangle. All his friends tried to save him but we finally smashed him into a pipe and left him laying limp.

Submitted by: Drakang(17 May 2009)

TSM : Home of the Time Lords !

Here is my new pet...pretty one isn't it ?

As the title may bring you to some wrong conclusion, i have to clarify that we have not finished SoD...yet ! But instead we have deserved being called Time Lords since on our very first FABLED night, we have cleared Plane of Time (all bosses there defeated on first attempt) !


Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(16 March 2009)

Still hard at work
TSM has still been busy learning MMM and found time to revisit the Malarian Queen and Rottrued again and get more wins there. We also started learning the Kithicor General Bahlgresh event. Must say an interesting event. Looking for more first wins soon.
Submitted by: (02 March 2009)

Breakneck's Neck Broken

Okay Breakneck is a painful event and really slows down MMM. We finally decided we had had enough of all his taunting so we took out all his friends and then paid him a visit. Once we actually started the fight with him all his emotes and friends were not nearly enough to hold off the TSM Raid crew. Breakneck fell and let us peak in his chest. 3 MMM mobs down 2 more to get down before we can start focusing on reaching Meldrath. Oh and we paid Brinda another visit just cause we like to torture her (well that and all the tanks keep drooling over her shield which really makes the floors messy).

Submitted by: Drakang(08 February 2009)

Brinda's Sprocket Sprung and MEG shut down

Well we have been busy playing with Breakneck for a while and learning the zone. But we finally paid MEG and Brinda a visit. We Shut MEG down and made Brinda Run away crying. The learning of MMM and the hatred of Breakneck Mechanics continues

Submitted by: Drakang(02 February 2009)

MMM update

We have been working on 4 events in MMM since our first few steps in there a few days ago. And we have already a target on lockout ! Krond is no longer snoring on his bed ! We have also made a very interesting attempt on Seneschal Bargangle Tinkerson and a good attempt on Tactical Prototype in a remake of some disco soundtrack movie. What can I say about Breakneck though...yeah it's boring as hell...but should be down pretty soon too. Stay tuned, more kills to be added imminently !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(18 January 2009)

TSM Stops the Ascension

Bayle asked us to stop the Ascension in BlackBurrow so we did. After a quick start when we were not ready and a slight oops where we got 7 of 8 totems controlled we went on in a third attempt to win our Second SOD raid. Rottrued had no hope against us after we finished off the Wrext Mal Mundunugu's. I am thinking he probably wishes he had fled with all the rest of the mobs in zone at the site of TSM in force.

Submitted by: Drakang(28 December 2008)

The plague has been cured : Queen Malarian

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Perseverance is something that definitely applies to our guild. Not satisfied enough to easily progress through not so old content (TBS & SoF, that is), we decided to have a look at the new expansion : Seeds of Destruction.

With a rather low attendance, and a decent amount of bots in raid, we kept working on our first evening on Queen defeat it with just 37 peeps !

Next stops : Rottrued the Twisted & General Bahgresh...with some bits of MMM and Solteris in the meantime ! :)

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(22 December 2008)

Irrissa the seared
It's been a while we've not raided Solteris so we came back and paid a visit to our old friends and some new ones. Irrissa dead, Commodus getting figured out, Two Gods will fall soon as well. Peace.
Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(15 December 2008)

Thanksgiving : the turkey has been stuffed

As most of us were celebrating Thanksgiving with their folks, we dedicated our thursday raid to some retro stuff.

We chose to fight the turkey in its birthplace : Anguish ! And we defeated (again, since we already did in the past, actually 1.5 year ago) its more prestigious representant - Overlord Mata Muram - with just 30 peeps and no mask at all. :)

So why an update if we already did it ? Err...I would just answer : because :)

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(27 November 2008)

Soulbleeder & Ralkor Bloodmoon

Lockouts are speaking themselves : whole SoF Tier 2 is on farm list, and we found the time to add 2 Tier 3 events to that list too.

Yeah, you read it well : Soulbleeder and Ralkor Bloodmoon have been defeated on our very first attempts.

Now we are facing a triple challenge : finishing Solteris, getting ready for our first MMM raids, and also having a look at SoD raids ! Nice work all :)

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(24 November 2008)

TSM is MMM flagged !

TSM is killing faster than i'm doing updates ! I have been away for 3 days and we added Wirlem (Loping Plains Tier 1) to our hall of fame. And as it's not enough, here it comes : Big Bynn is dead ! TSM is officially MMM flagged !

No doubt we'll see the first MMM raids before the end of the year now, and maybe catch Santa Clauss (aka Danadorr in disguise ;-)) for some Christmas loot !

Nice job all !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(10 November 2008)

Bloodmoon Keep Progress
Just a quick update for 2 new TSM first kills : The Fanged Moon (BMK1) and Crazok Moonfang (BMK2) have been defeated on the very first evening attempting them. Thanks for the great raid and the dedication showed to finish these ! Ralkor now fears us !
Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(06 November 2008)

Deepscar owned ! MMM access status : 4/5

We have been fairly busy recently with the release of Seeds of Destruction. Grats to those that worked hard for an early 85 dingage ! It's not my case, i'm clearly slacking !

Anyway, we're back to business and after a few insanely close attempts on Deepscar he's now buried with others in TSM's mob graveyard. That's 4 out of 5 defeated for MMM access...Guess what i mean ? Yeah Big Bynn has to die now ! It's currently at 50% but will undoubtedly fall before we learn how to correctly type Meldrath's Majestic Mansion (correct ?). :)

My final words will go to my folks : grats guys, awesome job again !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(04 November 2008)

4 down, 3 more to go !
Submitted by: Menelin(23 September 2008)

Another day in Steam Factory

Our MMM flagging making progress. With Spindlecrank down we cleared all Steam Factory mobs and are now looking towards Big Bynn and Deepscar. We actually paid Deepscar a visit already and are sure there will be news about a successfull killing sometime soon. Good job all !

Submitted by: Menelin(16 September 2008)

Solteris : Balreth down, next one please !

As announced yesterday, Balreth has been defeated with a flawless performance. We even found a ranger in the chest and a mage to sacrifice. We also got a first overview on Astire (4th event of Solteris) and already found out some stuff to test for next raid there.

Not much more to say but we can be proud of our achievements. No doubt we will see the end of Solteris and MMM really soon !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(01 September 2008)

Solteris : Aprosis defeated !

Deadly Swarm is definitely one of those events you need some training and fine tuning before beating it down.

Tonight, we adjusted the strategy to our raid composition and did really well, defeating this event and opening the 3rd one of the zone : Balreth.

Balreth was way different requiring increasing focus with the event going on. On our very first attempt we were really close to win it (bleh !)...but anyway, i smell another update coming very very soon !

Kickass job as always guys !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(31 August 2008)

MMM access - 2/5 - Clankwrench down !

Here come some news after a few weeks farming and learning new stuff around.

Title says lots and little at the same time : Clankwrench is dead, bringing TSM to having 2 out of the 5 kills required for MMM access, but what is not explicitely written is that Spindlecrank was really close to meet the same fate ! Indeed, learning event quickly on our very first evening trying it, we ended wiping at 5%...which means that on our next trip there we'll get that 3rd kill and put entire Steam Factory on farm status.

Well done TSM, brilliant work :).

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(25 August 2008)

Solteris : Mayong Mistresses defeated

TSM had a date with 3 girls tonight !

It's been a while we had not seen them, so obviously they were glad to get some news from us : Christine says 'Did you find out? What is TSM up to?' You say, 'Huh, just killing you and getting your phat lewt mam' :)'

It was the first day for TSM in Solteris, and already one event won...undoubtedly Aprosis and his cheerleaders will fall in the following days !

On that first trip i would like to congratulate Jlaor, Lach, Furdapus and Parun for the phat lewts, and the whole crew that made an awesome job !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(03 August 2008)

Server 3rd you said ?

When most guilds skip a difficult challenge or quickly give up at trying it, we are the ones working on it until we beat it.

We did it over one year ago with Overlord Mata Muram for a server 3rd, and here we come again with defeating Lethar 2.0 for another server 3rd ! With that victory we're closing another expansion : bye bye The Serpent's Spine !

If that was not enough, we've started working on MMM raid access and won Mining Behemoth (server 3rd as well) in Steam Factory : that's 1 out of 5 steps done. Solteris is also in the scope : we're starting the fun there in 2 weeks !

Congratulation TSM for another kickass job !

Submitted by: Saeba/Elphea(21 July 2008)

Lethar 1.0 down, soon upgrading to 2.0
A good thursday (traditionally a more slacking day) raidforce managed to focus and after a slow start ("who can trigger ag north?") we had to start with an AG east run for flags and cause... err... we had none that could trigger north online - lol
Anyway taking up speed we breezed through AG east with ease and even on Stitch we just lost a necromancer that thought he could be Maintank...
We had a bit time left so we went to North (yes in the meantime we found someone to trigger that).
  • Armies of Dynleth - won in first try that day (we lost it Monday once due to a shitty strat from me *g*).
  • Lethar 1.0 - first try - first win.
  • Not nuff time left for Lethar 2.0 = we kicked the Aug Event in North easily and made a zerker happy - first try - first win.
  • We're closing in on Solteris with huge steps now!
    Submitted by: Menelin(27 June 2008)

    Sothgar down, AG North opened !

    Like last time, with quite a low attendance, we came to Sothgar knowing its large wings were ready to welcome us...however tonight we did not let much time for them to flap around since the dragon fell rather quickly. Basically that makes us AG North flagged tonight. Of course that means more updates soon and also that we'll pay a visit to Lethar to have another expansion completed. Great work all, as always :).

    Submitted by: Saeba(08 June 2008)

    Disney Parade in Ashengate...
    Poor Lilo lost his dear Disney friend...blame TSM for that loss !
    Ah yeah, and we also won (on 1st attempt) :
  • Stitch's Ambush
  • Attendants of Sothgar

  • Sothgar next to die - 1st attempt left a fearless bunch of us (30ish peeps) wiping at 20% - and then AG North will be waiting for us ! Good work peeps, be proud of it *crocodile tear* ! :)
    Submitted by: Saeba(02 June 2008)

    Beltron down!

    ... means we did beat up Frostcrypt and 50% of the TSS expansion. We're soon putting our eyes on Ashengate and then finally Solteris/SoF. Good focus all and thx for kicking ass ;-)

    Submitted by: Menelin(20 May 2008)

    TSM rocking the house !
    Just a short update: First oneday clearing of FC#1 on sunday was followed by another 3 firstwins-and-tries in FC#2 on monday. That makes our frostcrypt runs a nice total of 9 firstwins-tries in a row!
    Anyhow we are "happy" to announce that Harfange the Black (who should have been n#10) was able to kick our asses due to an unexpected "twitch" in the last 20% of the event. So its not our own pullers alone beeing able to wipe us lately ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin(06 May 2008)

    Frostrcrypt1 fully cleared, all in FirstTry/Kill.....
      Grenwald down!
    Uhh and more down !
  • Lorekeeper Grenwald
  • Overwhelming Numbers
  • Shades of Calm
  • and all in first try - again.
    Still without our usual force we did finish the full clear of frostcrypt#1 this monday. What still disturbs me that with a good part of TSM missing we not only cleared the zone - but did ALL events in firsttry-firstkill. If this continues we'll soon pay Beltron a visit ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin(29 April 2008)

    TSS Fun started, first progression mobs down ;-)
      Hearol down
    Here the promised progess messages for TSS:
  • Three Brothers down
  • Shadow Selves down
  • Hearol the Tactician down
  • and all in first try.
    To mention would be that only 30 of us managed to squeeze into the zone, as the rest either slacked on factionwork or missed a raid here and there. Anyhow 3 backflags were earned and once we have all flagged I expect us to breeze through the zone, as the first three events were even easy with a small raidforce.
    Submitted by: Menelin(28 April 2008)

    Fabled Fun and TSS Progression
      Odeen down!
    Altho we focus mainly on fableds atm we managed to find a bit time to finalize a win on Odeen. We knew we'd win it but didn't find the time lately ;-)
    This means TSM has now both ways into TSS opened !

    Fabled Fun
    PoTime going better: Fabled Tallon Zek and Fabled Saryrn on farmstatus - we hope to get a few more firstkills there next weekend. Anyway we're farming fableds daily inweek on miniraids so we're expecting an easy run through TSS soonish with quick and fast updates.
    Submitted by: Menelin(28 March 2008)

    Udengar dead!
    Just a quick note: Udengar down ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin(13 February 2008)

    Vergalid dead - TSM in TSS

    We managed to breeze through the Vergalid instance easily yesterday and Vergalid fell quick. This means we have to finally farm faction now (yay! crap!) to start some TSS raids. We're taking it easy at this time, but expect the first downed TSS mobs in a few weeks at least. Till then we continue to farm DK and DP and we also laid eyes on a few SoF mobs that seem doable ;-)

    Submitted by: Menelin(11 February 2008)

    TSM beats yet another Expansion !

    Uhm our first weekend in Deathknell and all events done! Means two finished expansions in two weeks. Awesome job all ;-)

    Submitted by: Menelin(05 February 2008)

    Performer alive, Mistmoore dead(first try) !

    Following our first win of the Performer event (mainly due to preclearing on lesser raiddays and leaving us with the time and the turnout of a mayor raidday) we went to Mistmoore and won him in the first try! It was chaotic, everyone got rezzed several times but we didn't give up - and won! Great spirit all and we're confident to have learned much and beat him up a few more times. Gratz Sarasiz on a new title!

    Submitted by: Menelin(22 January 2008)

    Welcome TSM to Deathknell !!!
    About time we beat up Daosheen, then the surprise that Suchun was quite easy and a firsttime-firstkill... Means we are in DK! We'll do some backflag runs quick and will have a look there soonish - I hope we have more good news soon then ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin(14 January 2008)

    Happy New Year
    ... to all out there ;-)

    Gladly the Xmas-trouble is over and our raidstrength improving again. We didn't stop raiding but with lower numbers we can only offer some very close wipes on Daosheen (yeah the 10% DT is fun), less closer wipes on Vergalid and very fast wipes on some SoF mobs *g*. We added ToB minis to our farminglist tho as they seem to be good targets just for low people days *g*.
    Am sure we can come up with some new beat up targets soon tho ! - stay tuned!
    Submitted by: Menelin(07 January 2008)

    Sullon Zek down!
    Submitted by: Menelin(05 December 2007)

    Roley down !
    Used to quick wins or early wipes we got to dance a round again with Roley yesterday. What we couldn't know is that we ended up with a fight that would lead us to victory after just 2.5hrs !
    We're sure tho to cut down that time next time ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin(20 November 2007)

    Ghost & Snowtail down !
    Taking a week off Demiplane to have fun we kicked the two dogs rather easily.. Prolly more to come soon...
    Submitted by: Menelin(29 October 2007)

    Tris Wallow III - deaded
    Not wanting to spoil our nice Redfang win-picture so just a quick news: Tris Wallow downed!
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(19 October 2007)

    Welcome TSM to Demiplane Tier2

    TSM rumbling through Demiplane! With proud we can announce that Redfang was finally downed! Good to see this encounter beat up and thanks for everyone attending ;-)
    After that we wanted to see if Redfang really would be harder then the following encounters and hell yeah - he is. With half strat we nearly flawlessly beat up Devlin and with only little time and a fast go on Tris we nearly got that done as firsttry-firstwin as well! Gratz all that got a flag and gratz us on another big victory!
    Submitted by: Menelin(16 October 2007)

    Severan down !

    After farming a few rk.3 runes of Pyrelord recently we also managed to bring down Severan yesterday.
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(09 October 2007)

    Redfang ... fun!
    Hmm, yahh so you go to Demiplane and think all is easy (which it actually is mostly) and then you get to do Redfang. Easy mob lets go!
    "Hey did someone see my blooddrinker?"
    "oh, look - lots of cute little bats !"
    "err, who has rampage?"

    Haha! Am pleased to say we're making big progress tho and expect our first redfang-win quite soon !
    Submitted by: Laurelina(25 September 2007)

    Hatchet down, Redfang next !

    Hatchet sorted and becoming easy ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(14 August 2007)

    Getting comfortable in Demiplane!

    More Firstkills: Zi-Thuuli wasn't really a challenge but we're pleased to announce that the sisters are down. Hatchet and Redfang next up ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(31 July 2007)

    TSM in demiplane - just some flagruns to do ;-)

    With our firstwins on Draygun and the Council of Nine this sunday, we are pleased to announce that TSM has now killed all demiplane access mobs at least once. We have a few more flagruns to do but with Sendaii killed twice and strats laid out for the rest, we should be through in the near future. A thank you to all TSMs and friends for the work and devotion beeing shown and it will be a proud moment if we enter there together for the first time. We came a long way and as it looks like, go stronger then ever before. So expect the first demiplane kills beeing announced here soonish !
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(02 July 2007)

    Vule down
    Just quick news: Vule downed in first try.
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(08 June 2007)

    Itsy... bitsy... spider !

    Fitting to the start of spiderman III we thought we could give it a try on that spider and see if we turn into superheroes by getting bit, but altho we got bitten by various spidertypes we didn't really notice much difference. Anyway beeing bitten for nothing sucks and so Sendaii made us a tad angry and that wasn't good - for her.
    I am proud to say that TSM did beat up that event and so we hopefully can soon have a look into demiplane !
    Thanks all for making this happen !

    PS: As Parun complained his name wasn't visible on the Mata Muram screenshot I added him in the top left corner. As space is important and expensive we just had 1 pixel to represent him and so he's that tad light pixel up there! Imagination IS needed ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(04 June 2007)

    Ooops we did it again !

    We know many guilds skip this fight as its loot simply doesn't reflect the effort that has to be put in. Nevertheless our ego demanded that we kill him and so we did! Special thanks to all attendies, TSMs and friends for a well executed (tho chaotic) win!
    Also special thanks to our Necro team to revive MataMuram for a decent picture of the win (even tho not all raiders on the pic), they made MataMuram even smile into the camera - or no? Yep its a smile !
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(21 May 2007)

    Some firstkills
    Nothing special as we know we could beat those but still worth mentioning: Porthios and Bloodeye downed ;-)
    Submitted by: Laurelina(30 April 2007)

    Vishimtar dead, DoN beaten !

    As we already had made a little room in the dragonheadarea of our trophyroom it was about time that we chopped Vishimtars head and place it there. It was a hard, yet rewarding fight and we are sure we will come back often to hone our deathtouch-avoiding skills. A special thanks to the friends that joined us from the Clan Nan Dreolan and Enigmatic Council for great assistance and for everyone in general for great focus there. We are proud to announce that TSM did beat up another expansion and we'll soon look into the next ones!

    Submitted by: Laurelina(23 April 2007)

    Even more dead dragons !
    On our more weak thursday we finally got to do a trip that we had plannned for a longer time: Relic! It wasn't easy but we could bring down Ashenback, Shar'Drahn and Tsikut as TSM firstkills on first tries each.
    However Porthio's cat didn't want to do what we had planned for it and so after a good start the cat and its master kicked our butts.
    Anyway after we visited our friend Yar'Lir again ending the day with 4 dead dragons, and 3 TSM firstkills. A special thanks to our guests from CnD and Enigmatic Council for their assistance !
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(15 March 2007)

    Another dead dragon and more epics...
    Trophyroom of TSM having a new nice dragonhead: Kessdona fell to our force on a low turnout day. So we already made a bit room more there for Vishimtars head which will get the place of honor there.
    Anguish farming running smoother, Jelvan kicked twice in a row now and we said hello to Archmagus as well. Soon he'll be on farmstatus, but right now he did send us home with bleeding noses.
    More epic 2.0 finished: Gratz Karpov, Finy, Cadara and Clongar on their epics !
    Submitted by: (13 March 2007)

    Tunat deaded !

    Easier then expected, smooth execution. While we return for some class-specific weapons we're closing the chapter GoD with this win and move on to new challenges.
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(04 March 2007)

    Gratz Castellan on first TSM-Epic 2.0 !
    Level 75 Decimator of the Silent Minority
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(27 February 2007)

    Welcome TSM to Anguish !
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(12 February 2007)

    Yar'Lir down !

    As a fast news we killed Yar'Lir for the first time with an only 35 people strong raid. We always saved him for a free sunday but never got to do him. We did a bold try and won - with not the best dps, attendance and a severe lack of warriors. Well done all ;-)
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(01 February 2007)

    One trial away from Anguish...
    is TSM after this sunday. On our very first attempt we did beat down Endurance and also Adaption as firstwins. All in all four won trials yesterday made this good day for TSM. One week after we get to Tacvi we stand now just one trial away from anguish !
    Thanks for a good raidattendance and good focus again peeps.

    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(22 January 2007)

    TSM in Tacvi !
    After Xmas and a backflag run of ikki4,uqua and inktuta we did beat up the Runt- and Highpriestevent last monday. Yesterday we managed to bring down the Txevu endmob and so we can announce proudly that TSM is in Tacvi now.
    After the endnamed we had a little time spare and also killed our first Tacvi-named....
    Thanks all for the patience and energy invested to make this happen!
    Submitted by: Menelin/Laurelina(15 January 2007)

    Specialization down !
    Woot, with only 40ish peeps we did beat down not only a new trial (specialization) but as well managed to kick 3 mpg trials on a single day. Good job!
    Submitted by: Laurelina(27 November 2006)

    TSM in Txevu
    Sidetracking to GoD we managed to bring down Inktuta in try #2 after the bugfixes. It was a smooth win and so we have another zone open to us. Gratz everyone on flag !
    Submitted by: Laurelina(20 November 2006)

    The Road to Anguish
    Yesterday a combined force of TSM and FFG managed to defeat the hatred - and shortly after the corruption mpg trial. This was our very first attempt at mpg trials and it went surprisingly easy for first tries. At no time the wins were in danger and there was many "ohh that was it?" questions. That said we think we are well on our way to Anguish and will focus on the remaining 4 trials. I thank everyone present at the trial for a good attendance and good focus.

    Submitted by: Laurelina(09 October 2006)

    Gratz Finy and Dianera on their epics 1.5 !


    Submitted by: Laurelina(01 September 2006)

    One happy paladin

    Gratz Grimish on his epic 1.5 ;-)
    Submitted by: Laurelina(22 August 2006)

    Quick Update
    Even in the summerperiod TSM was active along with our friends from FFG. A few new trophies in our collection (like a few heads from Tirannun) we are now looking straight forward to beating Uqua soon. Thanks all for the fun ;-)
    Submitted by: Laurelina(04 July 2006)

    Staff of Prismatic Power anyone?

    Gratz Tanriel on the second TSM wizzy epic. May she get summoned less from now on!

    The final groupable fights didn't seem to be a challenge but the group had to cover their eyes as they saw THIS in Sirens Grotto:
    I don't know what Sony is doing atm, but if they continue this, the minimum age has to be raised once more ;-)
    Submitted by: (21 May 2006)

    Ikki4 down !

    In an awesome raid the TSM/FFG-Alliance took down the Ikkinz4 trial and made the day a great success. After figuring out how to open all doors we managed to keep 45 of the 48 raiders alive in the endfight and so everyone went home with a nice shiny ikkinz4 flag. Seeing how smooth this run went we are confident to enter qvic sometime soon...
    Our latest Monday raid was a success as well, ZunMuram and the Battlemaster fell for the second time - but with only around 25-ish raiders!
    Gratz also to Khaol, whom was the reason we went to RCoD in the first place - gratz on your epic 1.5 mate and thanks for good tankage !
    Submitted by: Laurelina(16 May 2006)

    One Day Clearance !
    Woot, a bit under 7 hours from gathering in PoTime to quarm laying dead at our feet. Smooth raid with no hickups, awesome ;-)
    Submitted by: Laurelina(01 May 2006)


    Who would have imagined that after barely five and a half month after the TSM/FFG-Alliance was born we would complete a full backflag circle and beat the PoP-Expansion... I can only say thanks to all members from both guilds to make this happen and get us where we stand now. Love ya all ;-)
    Submitted by: Laurelina(03 April 2006)