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2024-03-02And another expansion down
2024-02-03Seems like we have Another one Bites the dust running on Repeat
2024-01-06Laurions Song T1 raids complete
2023-08-12Another Vanquisher title
2023-03-05And another one bites the dust. T3 complete
2023-03-04And we are into T3. We made Grakaw feel better and held the firefall pass.
2023-02-04Three up, Three down. T2 is finished
2023-01-08Finished off NOS T1
2023-01-07First two NOS events down first try.
2022-11-27TOL Conquerors
2022-06-26The Way is Shut you Shall not Pass
2022-03-13Primal Vampire gave us his blood to move on.
2022-03-12Oubliette of Light dance complete
2022-02-19Aten Ha Ra Finally down
2022-02-06Gorangas running loose in Maidens Eye.
2022-02-05Shei Vinitras and his ugly red babies sent packing
2022-01-16Netherbian Commander left with nothing to command
2022-01-15Doomshade Doomed.
2022-01-08Zelnithak Down
2021-08-22Another Expansion Finished. Aaryonar finally down
2021-08-08Vulak Falls to TSM
2021-05-30Amalgam Arbiter falls to TSM.
2021-05-29We made our way into the Tomb
2021-04-17We Paid Yelinak a Visit
2021-02-27Delayed jump into things but we finally broke in T2 Raids killing Sontalak
2021-01-10Klandicar and his brood Took a beating as we finished off T1
2021-01-09Zlandicar wanted to test himself and he lost
2021-01-09We enjoyed roast Tantor, and boy are we full
2020-05-31And DONE. Expansion Complete with Velks win
2020-04-19Avatar of War down
2020-04-18Derakor Down
2020-03-29TOFS 3 Down. Tserrina Syl`Tor Sent packing
2020-03-22Its a Nice day for a Red Wedding Slaughter
2020-02-20We cut out the Heart of Frozen Shadow
2020-01-26And the rest Fall in T1
2020-01-18Kicking off a new expansion with a Server First win over Griklor
2019-12-15And our first TBL T3 win in the books.
2019-11-10The Generals were blocking the door so we killed them. On to T3
2019-10-13Light Burn the Ralafins. And so did we.
2019-09-22Welcome to T2 winning. Esianti Raid down
2019-08-11We finally Smoked Smoke. On to T2.
2019-06-30Stratos Raid down. The big Giant dude finally fell
2019-02-03General Reparm Down
2018-10-20TSM Ace Detectives on the Case. We found the Thief.
2018-09-23And the wall came tumbling down. The wall to T2 that is
2018-06-09Second Horde down. Overking Bathezid defeated
2018-03-03One horde down, two to go (Balance of Power down)
2018-02-11Long road finally over. Atrebe Sathir Sent packing
2018-02-10Ancient Dragon killed
2018-01-20Karzok Twins FINALLY beaten
2017-11-22Happy Thanksgiving
2017-09-10Robbery reported at Atrebes Vault
2017-03-04Queen Velazul and her friends were no match for TSM
2017-01-29Prince Selrach wanted to play hide and seek
2016-11-19Hmm blood gods sound familiar.
2016-11-18First steps into EOK
2015-02-26Tita's Ghost Revisited
2015-01-14Totem Totem Totem Totem UNDEAD. WIN
2015-01-06Golems and Books and Principal Quastori Numicia Oh My
2014-12-30TSM learns to follow directions and beats up Praetor Vitio
2014-11-06Defense of the City meets TSM. Winner TSM
2014-10-16The Zek Twins Meet their match
2014-07-23Lanys Given a Spanking and sent home.
2014-07-19And Blue follows Red
2014-07-17Beams and Fires and Imps Oh My.
2014-07-08Red Team joins the Party in Tower of ROT
2014-06-29Kyle Bayle Bails out as TSM Storms the Tower of ROT
2014-01-30Red and Blue turn the mobs Purple
2014-01-25TSM defeats another expansion
2014-01-23And then there was one left to win
2014-01-22TSM Red puts the pressure on TSM Blue
2014-01-21TSM Red Beats Bixie and Neriak on first tries
2014-01-16TSM Red team defeats Xulous Prime
2014-01-14Red Team Finishes ROF
2013-12-05Correction. Welcome Red Team to T4
2013-12-04Red Team Marching On
2013-12-04Welcome to T3 Red Team
2013-11-21TSM Red Team successes keep piling up
2013-11-14TSM Evening Raid Team Successes
2013-10-20TSM forming US Evening Raid Team
2013-10-18A War in Neriak Averted by TSM
2013-10-17Fun time in the Hive tonight
2013-10-10Xulous not in his Prime anymore
2013-10-09Doomscale Horde no match for TSM Horde. News at 11
2013-08-03TSM puts an end to Fear
2013-07-28Memories of falling mobs
2013-07-16We got a Glimpse of a win
2013-04-27We kicked the Shadow out of Luclin
2013-04-21We are the Champions of the world (well Chelsith at least)
2013-03-02King of the hill (of dragon bodies)
2013-02-14There can be only ONE
2013-02-10We hate Brownies Oh yes we do.
2013-01-19A Matter of Life and Death? We Choose Marnek's Death
2013-01-12A Feast for Zalikor turns out to be a Feast on Zalikor
2013-01-08Velishan's Revenge turns into TSM's Revenge
2013-01-05Silent Minority Yard Service made a house call
2012-12-30Big day in TSM town
2012-12-24Merry Christmas from to all
2012-12-18Dragon slaying Rampage
2012-12-15King Tormax no longer Tormented
2012-12-08If your trying to Call the Phantasm hes not home anymore
2012-11-29TSM First kills also Server First kills
2012-10-14TSM wins EQ
2012-09-16Voice of Ryken no longer making such a Cacophony
2012-09-08Fumerak the Quintessence = Fumerak the Dead
2012-08-21We raised the dead then killed them again
2012-08-19Two Faces, One Vision, One win.
2012-08-12I hate Bats.... But I like moving into Sepulcher raids
2012-07-28Moving on up to windsong.
2012-07-01Welcome officially to T4 VOA
2012-04-11Happy Anniversary
2012-03-25Time and Tide wait for no man
2012-03-2213th Anniversary was lucky for us.
2012-03-04Two sides of the Stone - alot, TSM -1
2012-01-22King of Beasts dead. Long live the new king till we visit him.
2011-12-22The standards for Gods have really gone down
2011-12-19Merry Christmas from a few of us to all of you.
2011-12-18High Priest Vyers tried to start some trouble but he did not count on TSM
2011-12-13Morell was trying to ascend but we pulled him back down.
2011-11-22Whats Big, Red Hot, and spawns lots of adds
2011-11-13TSM cuts the Dream Master's strings and brought a dose of reality to Fabracata.
2011-11-05TSM goes down Under the Sea and to the Islands of Sand for two more wins in Sanctum
2011-11-03The Essence of our dream was to beat The Essence of Dreams
2011-11-01The Tower door has been kicked in and were ready to join the party
2011-10-02Third times the charm to be the third guild to beat HOT T3.
2011-09-10A wise man said, "The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself"
2011-09-04Miraguls split personality rejoined into one corpse
2011-08-09Have you ever noticed that Alkabor Talks alot? Well not anymore
2011-07-03Lilth Tried to betray the wrong group today
2011-07-02Welcome to HOT T3 TSM:
2011-06-26Librarian Shushed
2011-06-05TSM beats UF killing The First Creation
2011-06-04Repeats are fun
2011-05-29Maybe I should go on Vacation more often
2011-05-23And another one down
2011-05-22Today was moving day for TSM (into Convorteum that is)
2011-05-15IT's BACK
2011-04-16Well the Well went Well
2011-04-10Lizards Sent Packing
2011-04-03Banner day in TSM land
2011-02-27The Wrecking crew has arrived
2011-02-19Deconstruction, Deconstructed
2011-02-13Fungal Forest No longer Corrupted
2011-01-09Cliknar Queen dead. News at 11
2010-12-12The Queen needs to find some new Guards
2010-12-05Tick Tock, Tick Tock, The big old Clock has stopped.
2010-11-27The Wrath of Brath lost to the Wrath of TSM
2010-11-14TSM Goes on Badger Slaughtering Rampage
2010-11-07The Unburrowing Down
2010-10-25Return to Raiding
2010-09-26BEAST DOWN
2010-07-18Return to Underfoot
2010-06-24And another one bites the dust
2010-05-27Return to Hard Tower
2010-05-24What do you do when numbers are low.
2010-05-16Fippy down a second time
2010-05-02TSM starts the Underfoot Journey by smacking fippy around
2010-04-11Steel Behemoth down again
2010-03-28Answering the call of a challenge
2010-03-14Hard Times call for Hard Measures
2010-03-06Brothers Zek and Eriaks Downfall Defeated
2010-02-07Tower defeated again
2010-01-31Solteris completed
2010-01-28Tower Day 6 Brekt Sent Packing
2010-01-25Tower Days 4 and 5
2010-01-21Tower day 3 (or is it 2.5)
2010-01-18Tower Day 2 the adventure continues
2010-01-17Tower Day one the adventure begins
2010-01-09Starting the New year right
2009-11-15Field of Scale theme complete
2009-11-05Venom Lord Joins Pallorax in the morgue
2009-11-04Staying busy
2009-10-25Kerafyrm Recaptured and Crystallos has fallen to TSM.
2009-10-19Broodmother Slain News at 5
2009-10-18Air Wing in Cryrstallos finally falls
2009-10-15Pallorax 0 TSM 1.
2009-09-20Bloody Kith gets bloodier
2009-09-13Needed a break
2009-08-24While the Raid Leader is away...
2009-07-25Crystallos Update. Ice Wing down. On to Air
2009-06-28Crystallos day 1, TSM hotter than fire and harder than rock
2009-06-20Meldrath Down for the 5th Time. TSM to visit Crystallos
2009-05-31The Slackers that Roared
2009-05-18Prototype now ProtoJunk and Meldrath and Friends looking for a home
2009-05-17Seneschal Bargangle Loses in Crash with TSM and a pipe
2009-03-16TSM : Home of the Time Lords !
2009-03-02Still hard at work
2009-02-08Breakneck's Neck Broken
2009-02-02Brinda's Sprocket Sprung and MEG shut down
2009-01-18MMM update
2008-12-28TSM Stops the Ascension
2008-12-22The plague has been cured : Queen Malarian
2008-12-15Irrissa the seared
2008-11-27Thanksgiving : the turkey has been stuffed
2008-11-24Soulbleeder & Ralkor Bloodmoon
2008-11-10TSM is MMM flagged !
2008-11-06Bloodmoon Keep Progress
2008-11-04Deepscar owned ! MMM access status : 4/5
2008-09-234 down, 3 more to go !
2008-09-16Another day in Steam Factory
2008-09-01Solteris : Balreth down, next one please !
2008-08-31Solteris : Aprosis defeated !
2008-08-25MMM access - 2/5 - Clankwrench down !
2008-08-03Solteris : Mayong Mistresses defeated
2008-07-21Server 3rd you said ?
2008-06-27Lethar 1.0 down, soon upgrading to 2.0
2008-06-08Sothgar down, AG North opened !
2008-06-02Disney Parade in Ashengate...
2008-05-20Beltron down!
2008-05-06TSM rocking the house !
2008-04-29Frostrcrypt1 fully cleared, all in FirstTry/Kill.....
2008-04-28TSS Fun started, first progression mobs down ;-)
2008-03-28Fabled Fun and TSS Progression
2008-02-13Udengar dead!
2008-02-11Vergalid dead - TSM in TSS
2008-02-05TSM beats yet another Expansion !
2008-01-22Performer alive, Mistmoore dead(first try) !
2008-01-14Welcome TSM to Deathknell !!!
2008-01-07Happy New Year
2007-12-05Sullon Zek down!
2007-11-20Roley down !
2007-10-29Ghost & Snowtail down !
2007-10-19Tris Wallow III - deaded
2007-10-16Welcome TSM to Demiplane Tier2
2007-10-09Severan down !
2007-09-25Redfang ... fun!
2007-08-14Hatchet down, Redfang next !
2007-07-31Getting comfortable in Demiplane!
2007-07-02TSM in demiplane - just some flagruns to do ;-)
2007-06-08Vule down
2007-06-04Itsy... bitsy... spider !
2007-05-21Ooops we did it again !
2007-04-30Some firstkills
2007-04-23Vishimtar dead, DoN beaten !
2007-03-15Even more dead dragons !
2007-03-13Another dead dragon and more epics...
2007-03-04Tunat deaded !
2007-02-27Gratz Castellan on first TSM-Epic 2.0 !
2007-02-12Welcome TSM to Anguish !
2007-02-01Yar'Lir down !
2007-01-22One trial away from Anguish...
2007-01-15TSM in Tacvi !
2006-11-27Specialization down !
2006-11-20TSM in Txevu
2006-10-09The Road to Anguish
2006-09-01Gratz Finy and Dianera on their epics 1.5 !
2006-08-22One happy paladin
2006-07-04Quick Update
2006-05-21Staff of Prismatic Power anyone?
2006-05-16Ikki4 down !
2006-05-01One Day Clearance !
2006-04-03QUARM DEADED !