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1. Read and agree to the guild charter
2. Be unguilded
3. Have the required level or above
4. Have a Sponsor
5. Register on Boards
6. Post an Application
7. Trial Period, find 4 supporters
8. Voteing
9. Full Membership

Guild Charter

Contacting TSM

Applying to TSM

Classes and their need :


Class Need Info





Remember: EXCEPTIONAL APPS (As well as friends of members) WILL BE CONSIDERED even if classes closed !




1. Read and agree to the guild charter
Please use the link to the left to read about our guildcharter.

2. Be unguilded
Please be unguilded when you apply to us. Also we don't like applicants to apply with several other guilds. If you apply to us then do so 100% and show some faith. No one gets turned down if there are no real big issues.

3. Have the required level or above
The Silent Minority has 'required' levels. Exceptions are made for RL friends of existing members or extraordinary players. Anyway leveling up shouldn't be a problem. Having flags for TSMs current raid zones is a big plus but not a must.

4. Register on Boards and MainSite
Before posting the application to the board you have to register. Please register with the name of your main character which you apply with.
You also should take the time to register on the Main Site (the one you are currently reading) and enter you character data and flags there. (after registering click My Data)

5. Posting an Application on the Forum
Include in your new thread (for the character(s) you would intend to have join us) all information requested.


Once registered you can use this link to get to the right forum.


6. Get a sponsor
All new applications to the guild now require a sponsor, this sponsor can be anyone who is a FULL MEMBER of The Silent Minority. This person acts as your link with the rest of the guild. Without a sponsor you cannot be invited into the guild. If you do not have anyone to act as a sponsor, then take the time to group with and get to know some TSM members. You can get it contact with most TSMs via the chat channel "/join tsmraid:surround". Join there to find groups and get to know our members.


7. 30 Day Trial Period
All new applications have a 30 day trial.  You will be tagged at the start of the trial. Existing members will be allowed to comment on your progress on our forums. If there are no problems during this time, then after the 30 days are over, you are a full member of The Silent Minority.

When you are on your 30 day trial you should make every effort to actually take part in guild activities. This includes xp grouping with members, and coming on our raids. This lets us all get to know each other better. If you are not actually on line at least once or twice a week during your trial, and we are not aware of a valid real life issue, then you will be /guildremoved. Too many people apply and then are never seen during their trial. The whole reason for the trial is to see if we fit together so if you can't commit to being on then don't apply!

8. Poll / Vote at end of 30 day Trial
As well as a sponsor you will need 4 FULL MEMBERS of TSM to vouch for you as a good fit with the guild - we call them supporters. As with your sponsor, these are people that know you and who believe you are the right fit for TSM. They will have to post their support on the forum and before they do, no vote is taken and you will not be a full member until the vote is done.

Seven days before the end of your trial a poll is put in place under the new members area if you found four supporters to vouch for you. Four No votes from TSM members and you will not be accepted into the guild as a full member. We will make every effort to discuss with you any specific problems during your trial so you may try to address them.

The Silent Minority currently runs a DKP system to cover loot distribution. What this boils down to is a point system. Members earn DKP points by attending raids and events within the guild. These are then used to bid on items that drop on guild raids. You earn as many points as any member in your application phase and can spend DKP on raids.

9. Full Membership
You receive full membership after the end of the 30 day trial with all honors.

Hope the above information helps you in deciding whether you want to join our family. Please do not hesitate to ask our officers any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in The Silent Minority!

( Drakang, Guild Leader of The Silent Minority )