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Welcome to the home of "The Silent Minority".
We are a mixed European and US Everquest guild on the Rathe server (ex- Prexus, Ex Terris Thule). We are a family type raiding-guild that values friendship and fun. We raid once per week at European evenings (early US time) as well as having one US evening raid. We may add back in a third afternoon raid. Read here for more info about us!
Applications are open for most classes - klick here for our application page.

Light Burn the Ralafins. And so did we.
Another event down. The Ralafins dead and one more T2 event to get a win on and a little flagging for T3.

Submitted by: Drakang(13 October 2019)

Welcome to T2 winning. Esianti Raid down
It took a while to get it all sorted. And to find the exact right mix of bodies all over (Dang you raids where we fight in multiple spots). But we pulled together and finally got the win. On to Empyr

Submitted by: Drakang(22 September 2019)

We finally Smoked Smoke. On to T2.
Love having people spread all over makes my job fun to sort the mix. But we finally pulled it together and beat Smoke.

Good work everybody. Now on to T2 events
Submitted by: Drakang(11 August 2019)

Stratos Raid down. The big Giant dude finally fell
After fighting the giant at the end of the raid for a while we finally upped our DPS and got him dead.

Good work everybody. Now on to Smoke
Submitted by: Drakang(30 June 2019)

General Reparm Down
His Frogs and Snails provided our dinner and we sent him packing and stole his toys.

Congrats team. Long time coming but our first TBL win to be followed by many more.

Submitted by: Drakang(03 February 2019)

TSM Ace Detectives on the Case. We found the Thief.
And the first T2 event falls to us. Took a little work to get the hang of it and the final hails but we sorted it out. Helped having 52 in raid. A few slots left for those wanting to help move on through T2.

Submitted by: Drakang(20 October 2018)

And the wall came tumbling down. The wall to T2 that is
We are all still picking needles out of our armor but we beat down the big cactus and his friends.

Submitted by: Drakang(23 September 2018)

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    27 October, Sunday00:00TBL
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    The first screenshot Karpov did in Anguish was centered on this!
    Now I wonder who that could be ;-)

    Tradeskillitems needed