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Welcome to the home of "The Silent Minority".
We are a mixed European and US Everquest guild on the Rathe server (ex- Prexus, Ex Terris Thule). We are a family type raiding-guild that values friendship and fun. We have two raid teams both have non-mandatory raids.  Our Blue team raids three times a week at European evenings (early US time) as well as having one US evening raid.  Our Red team raids three times a week in the US evenings. Read here for more info about us!
Applications are open for most classes - klick here for our application page.

Lady of Lifeless
Well it took some time and was a hard fought battle. She emoted and threw coffins and adds at us. She had many nasty little tricks. But in the end we extinguished her life.

Grats all for the hardwork and another server first.
Submitted by: Drakang(28 November 2015)

Starting things off right with a little Vim and Vigor
First TBM win on the first day of the expansion. Thanks to those that pushed hard to get all the progression tasks done. And on blue teams first big raid day they joined red with a win. On to more fun.

Submitted by: Drakang(18 November 2015)

Open Recruitment
We have opened up multiple classes on both raid teams. Blue team raids Tues, Thur, Sun at 2:30 pm Eastern US and Saturday at 7:00 pm Eastern US. Red team raids Tues, Wed, Thur at 8:30pm Eastern US.

We are preparing to hit the ground running in The Broken Mirror. If you are interested in being part of the fun contact Drakang or Powerful in game with questions.

Click the link above to check class availability.
Submitted by: Powerful(04 November 2015)

And another one bites the dust. TDS Finished.
It was a long hard road but TSM finally pulls out the win over Calix and Lanys to beat The Darkened Sea Expansion. Another server first and around 12th place across all servers. Definitely a much harder fight than the rest of TDS and a harder fight than we have seen in a while.

Congratulations all. I knew nothing could stop us. Now lets get it on farm.
Submitted by: Drakang(14 April 2015)

Tita's Ghost Revisited
We refused to zerg our way through Captain Tita's Ghost as it was originally released. But with the changes it is now much more in line with the other content so we paid it another visit.

On our first attempt another win for TSM. Excellent work to all that were there.

Submitted by: Drakang(26 February 2015)

Casters and Bugs no match for TSM
So we paid Principal Indagatrix Lucia a visit in her garden. She threw a few waves of casters at us and a ton of bugs (seriously we weighed the corpses after). But in the end they were no match for TSM. Excellent work to all that laid the groundwork and to those that got the first win. Another server first for TSM.

Submitted by: Drakang(15 February 2015)

Totem Totem Totem Totem UNDEAD. WIN
We had to make our paladins happy and find some undead to kill and Principal Vicarum Nomia gave us that opportunity.

After some free loot last week (yeah for bugged raids) the team pulled it together and got a real win this week adding another server first notch to our belt.

Submitted by: Drakang(14 January 2015)

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